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Under 21 European Championships: Italy-Slovenia 4-0. Azzurrini qualified for the quarter-finals – Sport – Football

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Maribor (Slovenia), 30 March 2021 – Mission focused for theItaly, which qualifies for the quarter-finals of the Europei Under 21. Quarters that will be staged on May 31st in Ljubljana and which will see the Azzurrini engaged against the leaders of group D (most likely the Portugal). Second place in group B for the national team coached by Paolo Nicolato, which celebrates the passage of the round thanks to the 4-0 trimmed to the Slovenia. All easy for our, who close the practice already in the first half with the goals of Major, Raspadori e Cutrone (on penalty). The captain also fails a penalty in the 44th minute, and then stamps the poker and the personal double at the beginning of the second half. The only discordant notes are the expulsion of Branding and the warning of the warned Frabotta, who will miss the quarter-finals.

One-two blue

Nicolato finds Gabbia in defense, who joins Lovato and Ranieri. On the flanks there are Bellanova and Sala, while in the middle of the field there is Pobega together with Maggiore and Frattesi. Forward it’s up to Raspadori to team up with Cutrone. Slovenia, instead of waiting for the opponents, tries to take control of the game, but at the first good opportunity is punished by Italy. At 9 ‘the home defense is saved on a cross from Maggiore for Cutrone, then the action goes on and Escape calls into question Vekic, who rejects, and is precise on the retort Greater to place the ball which is worth 1-0. The selection coached by the coach Alimovic feel the blow and 10 minutes later the Azzurrini double with Breakers, unmarked by the perfect launch of Ranieri and good at not giving Vekic a chance.

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11 meters bittersweet

Italy now plays on velvet and in the 25th minute Frattesi earns the rigor that is transformed with coolness and precision by Cutrone. Under three goals, Slovenia finally becomes dangerous with the personal action of Matko, who gets rid of Gabbia, but on his way finds a stratospheric Carnesecchi. Before the break Cutrone and his teammates would have the chance to drop the poker: the former AC Milan striker is fouled in the area by Vekic, the referee assigns the penalty, but this time the Slovenian extreme defender hypnotizes the Italian number 10.

Poker Cutrone

Not bad for the Azzurrini and for the same Cutrone, who in the opening of the second half redeems himself with a right to the gun that removes the cobwebs from the seven. With the result now on ice, Italy slightly lowers the attention in defense and Slovenia takes the opportunity to be seen by the parts of Carnesecchi with Zaletel and Gnezda Cerin, whose conclusions, however, do not frame the goal. Far more insidious are Cutrone’s attempts, who between 72 ‘and 76’ touches pokerissimo. At 82 ‘Nicolato loses Branding, who is sent off (sum of yellow cards), just as happened against the Czech Republic. Despite the numerical inferiority, the Azzurrini are once again close to scoring with Colombo and Frattesi, who commit Vekic. These are the last emotions of a one-way match that allows Italy to continue its adventure in these Under 21 European Championships.

Italy-Slovenia 4-0: the match report

Italy (3-5-2): Carnesecchi; Lovato (54 ‘Zappa), Gabbia, Ranieri; Bellanova (54 ‘Marchizza), Frattesi, Pobega (73’ Pirola), Maggiore, Sala; Cutrone (86 ‘Frabotta), Raspadori (73’ Colombo). Herds Nicolato.

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Slovenia (4-4-2): Vekic; Zinic, Brekalo (46 ‘Svetlin), Karic, Kolmanic (81’ Ploj); Matko, Zaletel, Cerin, Prelek (46 ‘Petrovic); Elsnik (46 ‘Stojinovic), Medved (70’ Celar). All. Acimovic.

Networks: 10 ‘Major, 19’ Raspadori, 25 ‘pen. and 50 ‘Cutrone.

Note: Karic, Brekalo, Matko, Marchizza, Cerin are booked; Marchizza expelled.

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