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Union holds a tough group discussion after 0 on 9: everyone has to be on the same page again

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Union held a tough group discussion this week. This was necessary to get everyone moving in the same direction again after the failed start to the play-offs.

The 0 out of 9 made a big difference at Union. After the defeat last weekend on the field of title rival Anderlecht, the atmosphere in the dressing room was just below zero. The failed start to the play-offs brought out a number of frictions within the team for the first time this season.

A robust group discussion in which all frustrations were put on the table was intended to get everyone on the same page again this week. According to our information, this was achieved and everyone is now looking forward to the clash against Club Brugge again. Coach Alexander Blessin’s individual conversations with certain players this week also helped.

In addition, a large part of the playing group also visited each other outside the field in recent days, which also improved the atmosphere. It can only help towards Sunday, because it is gradually becoming a necessity for Union. Last weekend, Anderlecht took the lead from Union, which had been at the top of the rankings continuously since matchday nine. The Unionists now suddenly have to chase and cannot afford another loss of points at home against Club Brugge – which is breathing down their neck – in the title battle.


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