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Usac against Derthona: “Beware of traps” Chivasso away, Letter 22 to Borgomanero

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Usac against Derthona: “Beware of traps” Chivasso away, Letter 22 to Borgomanero


In the eighth first leg of Serie C Gold, Usac Rivarolo will play at home, while Chivasso will be busy away from Crescentino’s friend’s parquet.

The Rivarolesi will be on the pitch tomorrow, Saturday 19, at 9 pm in Leinì against Derthona from Alessandria, while new coach Stefano Bruno’s Chivasso (he will also continue to hold the role of sporting director of the Chivasso club) will face it away, again tomorrow, but at 21.15 against Crocetta’s Turin players. Usac coach Titto Porcelli presents the match as follows: «On Saturday we face a very young team, but with players who come from the line-up that plays in Eccellenza in A1, such as point guard Baldi and guard Errica. It will not be easy to win because they make up for the lack of experience with the technique, so watch out for tactical traps».

Coach Porcelli will not yet have either Pucci or Carlo Ronci, with Abrate not at his best, but who should however grit his teeth, as he did last Saturday with Savigliano and for this reason a young class 2005 from the sector will be called up to Serie C Gold youthful Filippo Gaia. Porcelli explains again: «He is a talented young man who works hard in the under 19s and for this reason he deserves to be called up to Serie C Gold. He will most likely not take the field, but he will still gain experience and this is very important for his technical and human growth ».

Always remaining in Serie C Gold, she will be the first on the bench for coach Stefano Bruno at Ferro Chivasso, after the farewell of coach Wannes Pomelari, which took place two weeks ago, as Bruno himself recounts: «Nobody expected this decision taken by Pomelari – says Bruno – but now it’s time to think about Saturday’s match against Crocetta Torino. The Turinese are a very good team, with the greatest dangers coming from two very good players, such as guards Ceccarelli and Pasqualini – says Bruno. In these two weeks that I have the team in my hands we have changed a little bit compared to the previous management, we want to go back to winning again».

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Moving instead to Serie C silver, a tricky away match for Letter 22 Ivrea, on the seventh first leg of Group B of Serie C silver. Tomorrow, at 21, the team from Ivrea led by coach Mauro Celani will be away against the Novara side from Borgomanero. These are the statements of the coach from Ivrea: «They are a very strong team in the true sense of the word – says Celani. Last year Borgomanero reached the final stages in the under 19 category and is one of the best youth sectors in Italy. In their squad there is also a player from Ivrea (from Bollengo) who was with us until a few years ago, namely René D’Amelio and it will be very hard for us also because last round they lost the first match of the season against the Turin side of 5Pari and they will therefore want to make themselves at home. To have chances of victory we must not make a mistake».

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