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“Vaccines alter DNA and are dangerous”. Shock decision of a judge in Florence

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“Vaccines alter DNA and are dangerous”.  Shock decision of a judge in Florence

Pistoia, 13 July 2022 – La psychologist at vax Tuscany suspended from the professional order because not in compliance with the vaccination obligation imposed by law on the health professions must return to work. So far it would simply be a matter of giving notice of a provision of the judiciary, presumably the result of legal assessments. Instead, the reasons given by the civil judge cause a sensation Susanna Zanda he alleged to revoke the suspension of the professional ordered by the Order: according to the judge, vaccines alter the DNA and are dangerous, theories very dear to the no vax universe and very far from those of science. The Order of Psychologists of Tuscany has already announced an appeal in all offices.

“It cannot be forced” to undergo experimental vaccines that are so invasive as to insinuate themselves into the DNA, altering it in such a way that it could be irreversible with currently unpredictable effects on life and health “, explains the judge in an emergency measure.

The psychologist, suspended from work because she had not joined the vaccination campaign against Covid-19, has in the meantime been reinstated by the judge in her workplace and will be able to exercise “in any way (both in presence and remotely) in the same way as the vaccinated colleagues “. The hearing on the merits to discuss the revocation, confirmation or modification of the cross-examination provision was set by Judge Zanda for 15 September. Defended by the lawyer Raul Benassi of Piombino (Livorno), the psychologist made an urgent precautionary appeal to the Court to request the suspension of the provision taken by the Council of the Order of Psychologists of Tuscany on October 19, 1921 “for failure to comply with the vaccination obligation” .

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The judge accepted many of the observations in the appeal. In the emergency measure, judge Zanda welcomes a series of observations from the no vax, according to which vaccination would not completely cover Covid. The law on the vaccination obligation then proposes to “prevent the disease and ensure safety conditions in the health sector”, but the judge notes that “this aim is unattainable because it is the Aifa reports themselves that affirm it”. to a “phenomenon opposite to what one wanted to achieve with vaccination, that is a spread of the contagion with the formation of multiple viral variants and the numerical prevalence of infections and deaths among the subjects vaccinated with three doses “.

In contesting the vaccination obligation, the judge’s provision cites Article 32 of the Constitution: “After the experience of Nazi-Fascism, it does not allow the individual to be sacrificed for a true or supposed collective interest, and even less allows him to be subjected to invasive medical trials of the person, without his free and informed consent “. But for the judge “informed consent is not conceivable when the components of the serums and the mechanism of their functioning is, as in this case, covered not only by industrial secrecy but also, incomprehensibly, by ‘military’ secret”. The text of the provision also notes that “to date after two years the components of the serums are still not known and the medium and long-term effects as written by the manufacturers themselves while it is known that in the short term they have already caused thousands of deaths and serious adverse events “.

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The judge also recalls that “the various international conventions signed by Italy prohibit the imposition of health treatments without the consent of the person concerned because his dignity would be harmed” and that the Constitution “does not allow the State and all its central and peripheral apparatuses to impose any obligation of health treatment without the consent of the interested party “. The judge also notes “an undeniable discrimination with respect to vaccinated colleagues who can continue to work while having the same chance of becoming infected and transmitting the virus”.

But that’s not enough: the judge also turns to the health authorities of the Tuscany Region and to the Council of the Order of Psychologists of Tuscany as “they cannot be unaware of the spread of infections despite 80-90% of the population being vaccinated” .

The Order of Doctors, Surgeons and Dentists of Florence also expresses “total solidarity” with the Tuscan psychologists. “All orders of the health professions – recalls the council of the Order of Doctors – must respect the decree law 44 of 2021. And vaccination is a moral obligation of the health professions”. “There are and there must be no exceptions – continues the Order of Doctors -. In addition to the necessary compliance with the law, there is a public health issue. After what happened with Covid, we cannot allow exceptions to irresponsible behavior “.

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