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Vaccino Covid, Pfizer CEO: “We will need a reminder a year” – breaking latest news

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Rome, 2 December 2021 – The world will have to live with the Covid and then with the vaccine for “several years”. A scenario defined as “probable” by the CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla who spoke of the need for “annual” reminders for a long time to come. In an interview with the BBC, Bourla explained that the various boosters would be necessary to maintain a “level of protection very high. ”The interview was done before the variante Omicron became topical, but the CEO of the US company already explained how Pfizer had made updated vaccines in response to the Beta and Delta variants, without these being then necessary. As a result, the company is already working on a serum capable of responding to the Omicron variant that it may be ready in 100 days. Among other things, news already leaked in recent days.

The Pfizer chief stressed that vaccines helped save millions of lives during the pandemic and without them the “fundamental structure of our society would be threatened”. The numbers are staggering: the pharmaceutical company expects to arrive by the end of 2021 a 3 billion doses supplied, while for next year he plans to put another 4 billion on the market. In 2022, Bourla explained, countries will have “all the doses they need”.

And as news filters that a team of experts have identified the cause of the blood clots as an Astrazeneca side effect, Britain says it has secured 114 million extra doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for the next two years.

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