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Valle dei Segni Wine Trail day two, the second edition of the beautiful foot race designed among the vineyards and terraces of the Middle Valle Camonica ended this afternoon with the 8km Lago Moro Wine Short Trail (300 m d+). After yesterday’s almost summer sunny day, which accompanied the 950 shamans of the two long distance races of 55 and 18 km, today decidedly more autumnal weather characterized the short test. Despite the coldest temperatures and some showers of rain, 400 of them, both competitors and non-competitors, paraded between the rows and the cellars, passing along the banks of the beautiful Moro Lake.

As regards the competitive aspect, the two young talents of Team Karpos, Alex Rigo and Arianna Dentis, prevailed. If the first failed to beat Nicola Morosini’s record by just one second (36’47”), in the women’s competition the promising Piedmontese athlete crossed the finish line in 42’29”, improving Giulia Lamberti’s previous record by 1′ . As for the two long distances on Saturday, in the main race the winners were Guido Angella and Melissa Paganelli, while in the 18 km half it was Alberto Vender and Giulia Lamberti who lined up everyone.

Strengthened by the 1350 competitors from 10 different nations, who arrived in the Middle Vallecamonica despite an infinite series of concomitances, for the Camunian organizing committee it is time to take stock and plan: «Let’s start by enjoying all the good things we have managed to do – he declared at the end of the awards ceremony manager Matteo Giorgi -. We worked hard, with the passion that has distinguished us from the beginning and people understood it. In a weekend with at least 4/5 other important events, we managed to make our way by confirming the numbers of the debut. Even today, despite the weather, many responded and we can only be pleased about it.”

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Going into detail, Giorgi continued: «They were three fantastic days, intense and full of emotions. The attendance recorded and the level of the competitions offered make us proud, just as the visits to the village satisfy us. We, however, are not the types who are easily satisfied… From the day after tomorrow, we will take at least one day of rest, we will start thinking about 2024 again with even greater conviction.”

The goal is to grow further: «I don’t want to reveal the goal I have set for myself out of good luck, but I can tell you in advance that we will build new relationships and move to become increasingly international. As I have said several times, our dream is that Valle dei Segni Wine Trail becomes an end-of-season happening. Those who have run our races or even just come to watch them have given us encouraging feedback. This is the incentive for us to work even better and make ourselves known to an ever-increasing number of people.”

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