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Vallorco unleashed I also took Momoh, Doumbia and Bufalino Foresto in Rivarolo

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Vallorco unleashed I also took Momoh, Doumbia and Bufalino Foresto in Rivarolo

The Quincitava hires the goalkeeper D’Auria and the young February Parisi new coach of Pont Donnaz, the lateral Grosso all’Agliè


The summer transfer market session saw an unexpected turnaround on the bench. The Pont Donnaz Hône Arnad Evançonafter announcing in June the new coach, Achille Mazzoleni, was forced to change his technical guide, with the former Volpiano coach, Lorenzo Parisi, chosen as the new coach of the orange rossoblù, who will also play next season in Serie D, for the third consecutive year.

Descending to Excellence, the new one begins to take shape Volpiano Pianese: the attacker Artiglia arrived from Biella, while the defender Cristino from Venaria Reale. From Volpiano then, the two under 19s Savva and Cavalla, respectively defender and midfielder, promoted to the first team.

In Promotion the Vallorco it is the most active company. The sporting director Efisio Cocco, after having reached an agreement with the striker D’Agostino, last season at Banchette Ivrea, the defender Alessandro Corradin, until a few days ago at Colleretto and with Rizzuto, former Rivarolese midfield side he stopped and continued shopping, to try to set up a squad as competitive as possible to be delivered to the confirmed technician Bruno Mattiet. The attacker Momoh arrived from Quincitava, while still as regards the advanced department, it is also made for the return, from Ardor San Francesco, of Doumbia.

Not only attack, however, the Vallorco version 2022/2023 will also have novelties in other roles: Cattero dal Settimo arrived at the goal, always from the violets of the week, the midfielder Bufalino also landed, while Brosteanu was taken from Colleretto, who returns in Alto Canavese after his experience at the then Locana two seasons ago. Finally, Bruno Mattiet will also be able to count on the contribution of the attacking midfielder Erriquez, a player in the Volpiano team last season. At Vallorco, however, we are not thinking only of buying, but also of selling: goalkeeper Borille, defenders Vironda, Jezercic and D’Antonia, midfielder Bertotti and forwards Naretto and Nabili will no longer play at Carlin Bergoglio, as he also comments. the diesse of the cuorgnatesi Cocco: “We are happy with how we are setting up the squad, now we will look around us, in case any further opportunities arise, the classic icing on the cake, we would be available to carefully evaluate the opportunity”, says Cocco. Remaining in the Promotion, but moving only a few km, the Rivarolese of the new coach Lami made the midfielder Foresto official last season at Vanchiglia, while the Quincitava has reached an agreement with D’Auria, goalkeeper leaving the newly formed company that will play in Excellence of Volpiano Pianese.

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In addition to D’Auria then, the sporting director of the nerostellati Vallomy took the young February from Vischese, a player who made his debut with the low Canavese club in the second round also offering good tests, seasoned with goals.

Moving on to the category, the passage of the right side Gianluca Grosso from the Montanaro (First category) to theAglié Sacred Valley, a militant club currently in the Second category. Remaining in the first category, finally, there are more and more rumors of the passage of the former defender of Colleretto Maranta to the Vercelli team of Cigliano. –

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