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Van der Beck scored from the bench to “slap in the face” Soshuai De Gea pounced hard for the savior_Manchester United

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Original title: Van der Beck scored from the bench to “slap in the face” Soshuai De Gea pounced hard for the savior

After the return of International Match Day, the Premier League continues. In the 12th round, Manchester United suffered an away game against “Hornet” Watford. Logically speaking, this was originally a good opportunity for Solskjaer to consolidate his position, but in front of the old and spicy Ranieri, Solskjaer interprets his “failed to know what to do” once again. In the end, Manchester United lost 1-4 in the away game. It is worth mentioning that if there is no brave performance by De Gea and Van der Beck, Manchester United may lose even worse.

Against Manchester United, Ranieri’s tactics resolutely implemented an idea-that is-to fight to the end. Watford placed heavy troops in the frontcourt. Any Manchester United player who takes the ball will have players stepping forward to press, and other players will form a blockade. With such a high-intensity press, Manchester United made frequent mistakes in the backcourt, making it difficult to reach the frontcourt smoothly. Once the ball is grabbed, the frontcourt players quickly instigate the attack, which is the time lag before the Manchester United defense has not stabilized.

With such tactics, Watford frequently creates crises in front of Manchester United. In the game only lasted for 6 minutes, Fee B made a mistake when he made a big-foot clearance in the backcourt and directly put the ball into his penalty area. The referee pointed to the penalty spot and Watford got a penalty kick. At this time, Thrall’s penalty kick was saved by De Gea, Femenia scored a supplementary shot but was penalized by VAR to enter the penalty area early, and the penalty kick was heavy. Thrall stood at 12 yards again, and De Gea saved the penalty again.

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It can be said that in only half of the game, Watford shot 11 shots. If it were not for De Gea’s bravery, Manchester United would have conceded more than two goals in the half. In the second half, Solskjaer adjusted in time and replaced Martial and Van der Beck, which also worked. In particular, Van der Beek not only scored goals, his excellent running ability invigorated the midfield and frontcourt, but also activated Sancho, and repeatedly delivered good goals for Ronaldo, and Manchester United’s only goal in the whole game was also from Yu van der Baker.

In the 49th minute of the game, Sancho took the ball from the right and passed it diagonally to the penalty area. Ronaldo nodded and flew the ball. Van der Beck flicked his head in front of the goal and the ball went into the net. Unexpectedly, when Manchester United saw the hope of counterattack, Martial’s red card completely lost hope for Manchester United. Although Manchester United, who played one less man, tried to counterattack, it was unable to rewrite the score after all. Instead, Watford scored 2 goals in stoppage time and lost 3 points after a 1-4 humiliating defeat. As a result, Manchester United’s ranking continued to decline. It is embarrassing.Return to Sohu to see more


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