Home Sports Vanessa Ferrari: “I lived food problems on my skin, at 19 they sent me to the clinic”

Vanessa Ferrari: “I lived food problems on my skin, at 19 they sent me to the clinic”

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Vanessa Ferrari: “I lived food problems on my skin, at 19 they sent me to the clinic”

«When the first news on the complaints appeared, I was not surprised. I have experienced many positive but also many negative experiences “: Vanessa Ferrari, Olympic silver in Tokyo in artistic gymnastics, says it, speaking of the gymnasts of the rhythm that have denounced psychological abuses on the theme of weight.

«I know these aspects perfectly, I lived on my skin the food problems and at the age of 19 they sent me to a clinic and only after a couple of years I was healed – writes the blue on his Instagram profile – I invite anyone who suffers from it to get help because it is really fundamental ». Then she concludes “inviting not to demonize gymnastics”.

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“During my career, fortunately, however, I lived some changes in my environment and I am sorry that there are still places where these horrors occur,” continues Vanessa Ferrari in his post on Instagram, still talking about the complaints for psychological abuses suffered by the former athletes by the staff of the Federginnastic national team. “I also had the opportunity to compare myself with the thought of other gymnasts and former gymnasts and I hope that we can finally intervene definitively so that gymnastics, the sport we love, without distinction of sections or level is clean” continues Ferrari who believes how much how much Emerged these days, specifying how “sport is made of sacrifices and renunciations but first of all, before any result, people and their health come”. Then a double appeal: one to the humanity of people “because I think there must be a clear border between severity in the perspective of discipline and malice” and the other not to demonize gymnastics “because it is not distanced from an environment that the Things change and why gymnastics is a magnificent world although complex and it is up to us to protect it “

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Finally, he concludes: “Having said that I am not looking for guilty and probably in the profound people will never change, but talking constantly and denouncing promptly I hope that those who commit these actions can be reasoned and choose the best way to act”.

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