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Varzi confirms coach Pagano Rebecchi and Cantiello al Casteggio

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Excellence, off to the restyling in the grenade house. The striker Farina leaves Bano In First category a novelty between the posts of Lungavilla. Second, three shots from Viqueria


With the recovery between Sancolombano and Club Milano, which finished 2-3 in favor of the guests, the group B of Excellence has definitively gone from the archive, and for the Pavia players it is already time for transfer.

In Varzi, which closed the championship – won by the newly promoted Alcione of Omar Albertini in D – in fourth place – first among the four provincial teams in the category, after having rocked the dream of promotion for a few weeks, “the Emperor” Alexander Pagano and his trusted deputy Tiberius Ice cream, for the fifth consecutive season in grenade. To complete the technical staff, a new goalkeeper trainer is sought, as Massimo Box, for personal reasons, he will leave the upper Staffora valley. Off the engines for less than a week, Varzi is already planning the new season, which will begin with the training camp in Rovetta (Bg), starting from 7 August.

On the team front, Mario’s farewell must be recorded Rebecchi, midfielder-striker considered the symbol of Varzi of the last three years. Rebecchi declared that his experience in the Staffora Valley ended with the race in Sant’Angelo on Sunday 20. Mario, however, has decided that he will not hang up his shoes even at the age of 38: he will get back into the game with Casteggio, a club in which dad Tino won a historic Italian Cup in 1976. And with him, in yellow and blue, the attacker will also follow him. Paschal Cantiello. It is also rumored that midfielder Davide is also rumored Dragon may marry the cause of mister Matteo Landini, although Union Calcio Basso Pavese would also be interested. In attack, after returning to base at the start of the season, Simone will return to the garnet colors Zanellati.

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Also in Excellence, there are two news “Pavesi” regarding the Sancolombano: on the bench, Maurizio was confirmed Taxi, therefore ready to continue his adventure with the banina team; if Tassi remains in his place, Marco will no longer be in the attack Farina: the center forward from Pavia, formerly of OltrepoVoghera and Varzi, has communicated his decision to leave Sancolombano, thanking the club, technical staff and teammates with whom he has spent the last two seasons.

In the first category, news between the posts of Lungavilla: the biancoverde club has defined the purchase of Guglielmo Re, extreme defender back from experiences with Varzi and Bressana. In the second category, several market operations have been carried out in the last few days. The Viqueria has defined three grafts: the defender will wear the shirt of the Vogherese club Airoud (ex Rivanazzanese), the midfielder Jaddour (ex Bressana) and the striker Fine, coming from Hellas Torrazza. There is also a new face in Nice, which has made an agreement with the midfielder Giacomo Rossi, formerly Varzi and Lungavilla. The Zavattarello of the new technician also moves Pheasants, who defined the inclusion in the squad of the goalkeeper Soncin, born in 2001 coming from Apos, and the midfielder Of Palma, ex Royal Married.

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