Home Sports Vecchiato prepares for the challenge to the Dolomites. “I don’t feel like an ex. It is no longer the Belluno “

Vecchiato prepares for the challenge to the Dolomites. “I don’t feel like an ex. It is no longer the Belluno “

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Former Belluno coach Roberto Vecchiato

On Sunday, the former Gialloblù coach’s Adriese will play at the Polisportivo. “At first I was skeptical about the merger, then I understood the reasons”

He does not feel like an ex, this makes it clear immediately. Then he admits his initial skepticism about the merger, which however then left room for awareness of the new project. But for the coach Roberto Vecchiato it cannot be a match like any other. His Adriese on Sunday will be at the Polisportivo to face the Belluno Dolomites (2.30pm).

Mister, would you have ever imagined returning to the Polisportivo against another team, compared to Belluno?

“No, to tell the truth no. But I’m glad to be back there as an opponent ».

Don’t you feel like an ex?

«No, because the Belluno Dolomites is not Belluno. Then of course, I know well many of the players and people who are part of the management and environment of this new club. But, in fact, we are talking about a different reality ».

How did you experience the merger?

“I have to be honest: I didn’t like the idea at first. Then, instead, go a little inside the situations and understand what motivates such a complex operation. And the intent to form a single provincial formation is undoubtedly remarkable. I think everyone had great courage. From a purely romantic point of view, however, you lost three local teams and that was a great achievement. However, I think the weather will fix everything and I consider the Belluno Dolomites a beautiful reality ».

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But every now and then does “Belluno” run away instead of “Dolomiti Bellunesi”?

“I try to be careful, I know everyone cares. Then every now and then maybe the name Belluno comes out, not just me. I think it’s due to the fact that their main field is the Polisportivo, and many players are part of the former Gialloblù team ».

We know how strong the friendship with Paolo Polzotto is. A couple of weeks ago he resigned the delegation of the first team, while remaining close to the Dolomites, and not only for the role of main sponsor.

“The relationship with him has been even stronger since I left, and I think that’s correct. Beyond perhaps some outburst, I challenge you to find a person so tied to the players ».

We come to Sunday. Are Adriese and Dolomiti Bellunesi the same, as values?

«For me this group has two stronger formations than the others, namely Arzignano and Clodiense. Then there are other 7 or 8 of the same level ».

The last two victories have given back enthusiasm to the Dolomite environment, which, however, may have expected a few more points.

“Many things have changed, at the environmental level. It takes time to settle down, so it is still early for judgments ».

How does Moscow stop?

«I think I have to go and see him and tell him not to dominate too much on the left on Sunday (laughs, ed). Seriously, the older it gets, the stronger it gets ».

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And Corbanese who has been dry for four days worries you… even more?

«An opponent like Corbanese always worries».

In general, the Belluno Dolomites is?

«A very physical and intense team. Furthermore, experience is not lacking. It does not mean they are old, but simply the same young people already come from different D tournaments ».

What goals does your Adriese have?

«We have a revolutionized and young squad. The company wants to improve last season’s 12th place. Going to the playoffs would be nice ».

In his five championships in Belluno and also last year at the Manzanese he has always allowed at least one player to jump into the professionals at the end of the championship. Not bad for personal satisfaction.

«It is not easy to manage to reconcile results, youth policy and so on. But it’s nice to see the players go higher ».

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