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Venues don’t close, but citizens are sweating and busy-Hangzhou News Center-Hangzhou Net

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Hangzhou Citizens Flock to Sports Venues to Embrace Health and Fitness During Spring Festival

As the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon continues, the major sports venues in Hangzhou have been bustling with citizens coming to exercise, creating a more sporty atmosphere for the holiday season. This trend of embracing health and fitness has become the best New Year gift that everyone can give themselves.

On the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, the tennis courts of Huanglong Sports Center saw a surge in activity, with all eight venues fully occupied. Mr. Luo, a citizen, expressed his commitment to staying active during the holiday, stating, “I have been playing here for three days in a row. During the Spring Festival, apart from eating and drinking, there is not much to do. If I don’t exercise more, my weight will jump up immediately.”

The swimming and jumping hall of Huanglong Sports Center, which serves as the water polo competition venue for the Hangzhou Asian Games, has become a “resort” for many swimming enthusiasts during the Spring Festival. In order to manage the large turnout, the venue has imposed a limit of 105 people at a time, ensuring a better experience for all participants.

Furthermore, private sports venues such as the Sky Stadium located on the rooftop of Longhu Tianjie in Binjiang and the Donglian Sports Park have also been bustling with activity. Football fans and fitness enthusiasts have been making the most of the open-door policies of these facilities, with many forming teams and making daily appointments to play sports.

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In addition to traditional sports venues, Hangzhou also offers scenic walking trails along the canal, providing citizens with opportunities to combine exercise and exploration. One citizen, Mr. Zhang, and his family embarked on a “lucky” trip from Gongchen Bridge to Hangzhou Iron and Steel Former Site Park, covering a full ten kilometers round trip in nearly three hours. Mr. Zhang emphasized the significance of starting the new year with physical activity, stating, “Walking on the canal on New Year’s Day will definitely bring good luck this year. We feel that it is not only a good luck but also a good exercise.”

Overall, the Spring Festival has seen most public sports facilities in Hangzhou implementing open-door policies, offering free access to promote national fitness and create a sports atmosphere where “fitness does not close during the Spring Festival, and sweating out becomes a fashion”. The city’s commitment to health and fitness has encouraged citizens to prioritize physical activity and well-being during the holiday season.

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