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Vercelli returns to the Olympus of hockey: Engas flies in A1 after a fabulous season

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Vercelli delirious for hockey returning to A1. The black-yellow-green victory (6-2) at Pala Pregnolato in the semifinal against Montecchio, the only team this season capable of bending the Vercelli team, certifies a season of big names for Engas. But when the going gets tough, or something important is up for grabs, the Vercelli people have not left room for the Venetians who have still confirmed that they have arrived with merit in this final four. Only on entry did Engas have some difficulties due to the verve of the Venetians and the now scarce habit of the match atmosphere of Vercelli (which had not played an official match since 25 April, the victory in the Italian Cup). With the passing of the minutes, however, the Engas broke up, starting to grind the game and put the Venetians in more and more difficulty. At 9.25 the match is unlocked thanks to Perroni, always decisive with his goals. Then Brusa takes the chair and signs a brace before Maniero’s 4-0, with which the first half ended. In the second half, Montecchio tries to get back into the game: Posito and Lo Guercio approach the Venetians who also have the opportunity of a penalty: but Errico surpasses himself on Posito and, from that moment on, it’s all a black-yellow-green ride. Brusa with a spectacular goal and a high coefficient of difficulty signs the 5-2. Then Moyano puts the seal: 6-2 and the last minutes are a real ride for Engas that crowns an incredible season with two Italian Cups and the landing in A1. Tomorrow at 6 pm against Matera, which sensationally overtook the Cgc Viareggio 2-1, Vercelli will play for the A2 title.

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