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Verona, a Brazilian woman kills her husband: “I married him only for the documents”

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Verona, a Brazilian woman kills her husband: “I married him only for the documents”

Is called Edlaine Ferreirathe 36-year-old Brazilian who confessed to having killed her husband, Francesco Vetrioli, 37-year-old hauler. A homocide completed just over three months after the wedding celebrated in Bussolengo with a civil ceremony.

Edlaine Ferreira was arrested on aggravated murder charges

“I took a hammer and a knife and hit it”

During the interrogation, the woman justified the murder by stating that the husband beat her and cheated on her repeatedly: “He always threatened me, telling me that if I told him he hit me, no one would believe me. And so he also did a few days ago, always telling me that I don’t have the documents. At about 3.30 he went to bed, I took a hammer and a knife and hit him while he was sleeping, ”he confessed.
“Tuesday night around 11pm I was home alone, so I called him and asked him where he was and he said he was staying at the bank and then he would come back. When he’s home we have started arguing because I thought he had lied to me just before. She always kept telling me that I don’t have the documents, that I have not got anyone because my father was also dead, and that only he was left in the world, so I was forced to do what he told me – we read in his statement reported by the Corriere del Veneto -. Once I looked at his phone, I saw that he was exchanging messages related to sexual performance with trans and other women. On that occasion I told him that if he was gay he could leave me alone and go. He got really angry, he grabbed me there testa and it has slammed against the wall“, Declared the girl.

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A marriage of convenience made only to regularize Edlaine’s position

A marriage of convenience

According to Ferreira’s version, the man would have raised his hands on her several times. A marriageas the 36-year-old admits, born for convenience. “He was a man jealous and violent, he would not let me leave the house if not with him, if I left the house alone and did not give him all the details of where I had been and with whom, he would get angry and beat me – she says -. I met him about 4 years ago because we had a mutual friend in Verona, our relationship was born about 3 years ago. I decided to marry him three months ago, even though he was violent, though to be able to regularize my position in Italy“, Finally revealed the 36-year-old.
In fact, the woman is not in compliance with the documents. The prosecutor underlines that “the suspect it is illegally located on the territory of the Italian State because the expulsion order issued by the Prefecture of Parma hangs on her with the obligation of repatriation ”. In her motivations, the magistrate confirms the prison and does not grant the enforcers since “the murderous action resulted from a simple domestic quarrel, with a very evident and macroscopic disproportion between the circumstances and the terrible murderous action of the woman”.

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