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Verona: Finance investigations into sponsors with false invoices

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Verona: Finance investigations into sponsors with false invoices

L’Hellas Verona has ended up in the middle of an investigation into fake invoices for sponsorships. The Guardia di Finanza would have carried out acquisitions and seizures of accounting documents in the headquarters of the Verona club. Verona is one of the companies involved in an investigation into false invoices issued by a paper company that deals with advertising concessions. The investigation, renamed “Operation Cyrano”, directed by the Reggio Emilia Prosecutor’s Office and conducted by the Financial Police and the Police.

President Setti is also under investigation

There are 26 people under investigation in various capacities, of which 22 were also involved in searches and seizures in various regions of northern and central Italy. There alleged huge tax fraud is ten million euros. As reported by L’Arenais also among those under investigation Maurizio Setti, the patron and president of Hellas Verona.

Verona: “The investigation concerns a third company”

Hellas Verona has released an official note. “The Financial Police is carrying out an investigation into a third company and not Hellas Verona, the yellow-blue club specified, underlining that “no search was carried out either at the headquarters or elsewhere”. “The club has spontaneously made available its accounting findings relating to the relationships with said company – reads the note -, which consist of the receiving only three invoices relating to the tax period of four years ago and in any case of a modest amount”.

No disputed sponsorship contracts

“The dispute, it is further specified during the verification, could amount to around 50,000 euros” highlights Hellas Verona. “In any case, it is categorically denied that the object of the tax documents requested pertains to sponsorship contracts, a topic no one has ever talked about” concludes the press release from the Verona company.

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