Be at Bentegodi it is not a last resort, we are very close: Spezia beat Inter in advance, so Hellas must win at all costs against Monza. The Veronese public responds to the call: even from Brianza there is a respectable presence, well over a thousand units. The sunny day does the rest: it’s a full Serie A setting.

The Scaligeri are confirmed as one of the most beautiful, passionate and creative fans in the whole of Italian football: despite a critical situation to say the least, support for the team is never lacking; and when the audience decides to sing for real, it’s chills. Of course, the structure helps too: that Bentegodi which is an Arena to all intents and purposes, and which recalls the best stadiums across the Channel in terms of atmosphere. But here, there is all the Veronese spirit that makes its mark: fun, joy. And infinite passion for Hellas.

The Monzesi make themselves heard on various occasions, in the stands there is also a bickering between fans: ordinary stories, between typhus patients (literally). A point arrives from the field that makes both unhappy, especially the home crowd: support for the team, but endless protest against the management. The salvation enterprise is very hard, even if one thing is certain, and that is that the Scala family will try until the end. Because in the white region par excellence (where people blaspheme as an interlayer: that the two things go hand in hand?) the rule of the banner clearly visible in the distincts is valid. I believe I will rise again.

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Text and photo by Stefano Brunetti