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Uncertain weather forecasts, hazy skies but excellent visibility allowed all the athletes to run in safety, after the bad weather in recent days has worried the organization, however very ready to adapt the route if necessary. The demanding and steep track was made even more technical and selective by the rains, making the terrain slippery but highly spectacular, and there was a tussle between the protagonists right from the first ramps that leave the center of the unique lakeside town.

The spectacular route challenging overhanging the lake it has a development of 4.7 km in length and 1.150mt. with a positive difference in height, it involved athletes from the province and beyond, also attracting athletes of national caliber such as Luca Curti who stopped the chrono at 44’03” and foreign athletes also from nearby Switzerland.

In the men’s race there was an immediate challenge between the strong cross-country skier Luca Curti and the local Luca Albini of Athletics Pidaggia, after an exchange of positions in the characteristic hamlet of Monti di Carate, the athlete from Bergamo climbed a gear and set a pace incredible showing up alone on arrival at the summit by writing his name in the roll of honor of this competition, followed by Luca Lanfranconi, Davide Zugnoni and Manuel Molteni.

While in the race in pink seal for the Swiss Paola Stampanoni who with an impressive pace was able to put the very strong athlete and specialist of the only up races in crisis Corinna Ghirardi, with a time of 50’16 “by setting the new course record, closed the top five Gisella Berretta, Ilaria Bianchi and Susanna Serafini.

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