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«Very good numbers, 144,000 copies sold a day»- breaking latest news

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«Very good numbers, 144,000 copies sold a day»- breaking latest news
Of Monica Colombo

Fornara, in Cairo Rcsmedia: “Gazzetta has been telling the values ​​of sport for 127 years”. Pagnoncelli (Ipsos) draws the average reader: «73% trust advertising». Barigelli, director of the Gazzetta: “Attention to all sports“. Pardo new signature in the newspaper

San Siro deserted and majestic with all the magic it releases. The tour to see the locker rooms and selfies with the great champions of Milan: Massimo Ambrosini, Cristian Brocchi, Roberto Donadoni and Arrigo Sacchiin strict alphabetical order, emblems of Rossoneri greatness and Alessandro Altobelli, Beppe Bergomi, Javier Zanetti, Walter Zenga the symbols of the Nerazzurri team. The «Passione Gazzetta» event was held today in the Executive Room of the stadium where the president of RCS, urban Cairomet an audience of investors by rattling off the formidable numbers of Italy’s leading sports newspaper.

«Gazzetta is the only sports newspaper to have told all the editions of the modern Olympics» declares Pierluigi Pardo, commentator and face of Dazn, soon signing on the Journal. The growth figures Gazzetta dello Sport they are amazing and are illustrated by Uberto Fornara, CEO of Cairo RCSmedia. «Journal for 127 years it has been narrating the values ​​of sport, adapting to new languages ​​and new forms of communication. Journal it’s not just the newspaper, but it’s also a website, social media, podcast. It is a context of quality, reassuring and which transfers the values ​​of sport. It is like a friend we trust: it is not only a quality product but a product capable of also supplying large numbers».

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So here are the data that make Urbano Cairo proud. «In January 2023 we sold 144,000 copies every day and over the years we have climbed positions (at the end of 2021 the Journal was in sixth place with 101,000 copies, then the following year with 113,000 it was in fourth, now in third, a gap from Repubblica). “The numbers are very good – adds Cairo -. 73% believe in advertising. 80% of our readers play sports. When you are a kid, the first newspaper you read is the Journal, I saved up the 50 lire at the time to buy it and did the commentary in my room, as Enrico Mentana recounted. I had a passion for football and cycling. You know what? When I launched the takeover bid in 2016, which was complicated to implement due to the competitors I had, when we got to July 15th and we managed to win, the thought of editing the Journal it was the greatest joy. The non plus ultra. But now I ask you, is football dominant? Should we give space to other sports? What do you say?».

The audience agrees while Cairo reveals that he supported Milan as a child and invites Arrigo Sacchi to the stage who tells how he convinced Berlusconi to buy Ancelotti despite his bad knees. Other slides scroll. There Journal it is the newspaper with the most readers, 1.9 million. It’s not just a newspaper, it’s also a magazine. It has the digital leadership over other sports dailies and has a total social audience of 5.6 million.

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Nando Pagnoncelli of Ipsos offers the photograph of the average reader. “We carried out 4,000 interviews. Among the readers, young people under 34, graduates, and executives stand out.8 the average satisfaction rating, 69% gives a vote between 8 and 10. 75% say that reading it makes you feel part of a community. 99% are passionate about at least one sport, 85% about at least two. Eight out of 10 readers play at least one sport. He has an advanced use of apps, is attentive to quality and branded products, is the sole purchase decision maker for financial products and cars, and 73 percent trust the advertising they see in the Gazzetta dello Sport».

Stefano Barigellidirector of the Journal, concludes: «It’s not easy to make this product, you need a strong team with important signatures. Football remains central but there is attention for all Olympic sports. The plurality of topics contributes to the strength of Journal. We must continue to be good, making the transfer market». Pardo announces: «I’ll write about it Journal, Arrigo will pass me the piece». Champagne.

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