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«Very strong bond with Panatta The Djokovic case? Too many lies “

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Corrado Barazzutti, legend of the racket, guest at the Villorba Tennis Park

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Great tennis weekend in Treviso. Racquet enthusiasts had the opportunity to meet, within two days, two authentic legends: Adriano Panatta and Corrado Barazzutti, as well as Sky journalist Stefano Meloccaro. Panatta, now Treviso by adoption, hosted Meloccaro in the Club House of his Racquet Club for the presentation of the book: “Strokes of genius” published last September by the Rieti journalist, linked to Panatta by a long-standing friendship . The event was the perfect opportunity to brush up on anecdotes from the past: Panatta told of that time in Montecarlo when Ugo Tognazzi and Paolo Villaggio joined him at the hotel and had an evening until 2.30 in the morning. Needless to say, how it ended.

Different theater – the Park Tennis of Villorba – the following day for a workshop held by Corrado Barazzutti, former member of the strongest Italian Davis Cup team of all time and coach of both the Italian men’s and women’s teams, with whom he won four world titles. Barazzutti, who reached the # 7 position in the ATP ranking, was also the coach of Francesca Schiavone, with whom he won Roland Garros in 2010. Interviewed by the sports manager Andrea Vidotti, Barazzutti told his story from the very beginning on the fields of the tennis club in Alessandria, where he moved following his parents, and where he remained until the age of 16 and then moved to Rome: “I played mostly in summer, in winter there were no” balls “and therefore I also played football or table tennis. My parents wanted me to finish school, and I did it even though I didn’t like them very much. Studying eight hours a day was difficult, then I moved to Rome and after the age of majority I began to understand that tennis could become a profession. And then I was the # 1 junior in the world… ».

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What was your greatest satisfaction: the Davis Cup or the Grand Slam semifinals? «I would have preferred to win those, but I am very satisfied with my career. Davis’ victory will always remain the best, we were young rampants and we were playing in a very difficult situation in Chile ». You were rivals with Panatta: «We had two very different characters and two very different lifestyles, but there has always been great respect between us. Adriano was a great champion, we played tournaments together, doubles, slept in the same room. Tennis has kept us connected ».

On the future of blue tennis he is unbalanced: «Perhaps in full it is the strongest team in the world. Berrettini, Sinner, Musetti and Sonego are fantastic players, I think only Canada can be at our level. But we lack the double, which in international competitions can be decisive ». A closing joke on the Djokovic case: «Initially I was guaranteed against him, but too many lies were told. How will he, if he can, play in such a situation? He looks more like a no-vax leader than a sportsman in a position to play and win the Australian Open ». –

Ubaldo Saini

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