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Vicenza-Lecce, the launch of firecrackers becomes a case. The Venetians: “Ready to protect us” – Sport

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Vicenza-Lecce, the launch of firecrackers becomes a case.  The Venetians: “Ready to protect us” – Sport

Vicenza, 1 May 2022 – Burning controversy after the events that characterized Vicenza-Lecce of Serie B. During the second half, after the goal of Strefezza at 24 ‘, some paper bombs went off from the visitors’ corner. The local goalkeeper has the worst Contini and a ball boy, both left stunned. In the end, the Venetians took the game home, winning 2-1, but in the post-game it was those episodes that held the ground above all. Also because on social media the Salento fans are accusing: the situation was designed ad hoc by Vicenza to try to achieve success at the table. So much so that the launch would not be due to the Lecce ultras, but to the stewards. The reactions of the Giallorossi supporters are due to the dissemination of some videos that would show that the firecracker did not hit anyone and, in any case, the outbreak would have occurred not close to Contini.

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To these accusations, the Vicenza club immediately wanted to respond in kind. “The company LR Vicenza, regarding the events that occurred yesterday after the network signed by Lecce and in consideration of the” creative “hypotheses that are characterizing the web and social news in these hours, cannot refrain from – firmly condemning the behavior of some fans became protagonists of the repeated launch of loud firecrackers, which took place even before the event in question, which forced the goalkeeper Contini and a ball boy to leave the field in the 70 ‘, because they were stunned by the explosion of the same and to interrupt the match for about 10 minutes; – reject the raving, laughable and reckless hypotheses, released on social media and taken up by some media, aimed at discharging the responsibility of the launch, instead of from the sector of the Curva Nord, on the stewards on duty on the sidelines, who at that juncture were committed to go quickly towards another child ball boy, overwhelmed by the fall of the LEDs and left on the ground, slightly injured in the leg. Version already packaged signed by the images that exclude this responsibility; – to reserve, upon the outcome of the necessary investigations by the competent Authorities and consequent reflections, any action in defense of their image and that of their collaborators, as well as any damage suffered to the sideline system and to the toilets in the sector in question “.

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