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Vietnam defender: adapt to the weather smoothly, train without injury, analyze China and have confidence_Nguy

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Original Title: Vietnam Defender: Adapting to the weather smoothly training without injury analysis China has confidence

On October 3, Beijing time, and on the evening of October 2, local time, the Vietnam team had a second training session. Head coach Park Hengrui decided to increase the amount of exercise to make the final physical reserve for the players. The players also spent a lot of time honing their tactical cooperation and making targeted preparations for the Chinese team on the 7th local time.

The Vietnam Football Association stated that the current weather in the UAE is much more pleasant than in the second round of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in June. The average temperature is only about 30 degrees Celsius. Because of the previous experience in adapting to the hot weather, the members of the Vietnamese team have Adapting to the weather conditions did not encounter much difficulty. Unlike the gentle warm-up in the first training session, the second training session was conducted at high intensity and lasted nearly 2 hours, in order to allow the players to exert their maximum strength. At the same time, the Vietnam team started from every small detail, minimized the team’s mistakes in the team’s play, and seriously confronted the Chinese team.

The good news for the Vietnam team is that all players are in good health and well completed the coaching staff’s plan. After the game, defender Nguyễn Phong Hồng Duy said that despite facing very strong opponents at the Asian level, the Vietnamese team will still go all out to achieve the best results. He said that the team’s preparation for the Chinese team is not much different from the previous two games. The whole team is still making the best preparations in accordance with the requirements of the coaching staff. Speaking of the game against the Chinese team, Nguyễn Phong Hồng Duy said: “Our coaching staff has analyzed the Chinese team. They are a strong team, but we will make up our minds and work hard to win for Vietnam.”

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