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Viewpoint-Taishan AFC Champions League 1 point and 2 goals should reflect on the thinking of the football school and should be adjusted_Players_League_Guangzhou Team

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Viewpoint-Taishan AFC Champions League 1 point and 2 goals should reflect on the thinking of the football school and should be adjusted_Players_League_Guangzhou Team

Original title: Viewpoint – Taishan AFC Champions League 1 point and 2 goals should reflect on the thinking of the football school and should be adjusted

Article source: Sports Weekly

In the two battles with the Singapore Lion City Sailors, Shandong Taishan first drew 0-0, and then scored 2 goals in back-to-back games, which is considered to have completed the minimum goal of “scoring a goal and taking a point”. However, it started with a 0-7 loss to South Korea’s Daegu team and ended with a 0-5 loss to Japan’s Urawa Red Diamonds. This result is actually quite embarrassing. A total of 24 goals were conceded in 6 games, which was equal to the Guangzhou team. Talking about masturbation is 1 point and 2 goals, why did Chinese football degenerate to such a point?

It must be admitted: Affected by the epidemic, the Shandong team has not been able to send the best players to play, which does affect the club’s performance in the AFC Champions League. Moreover, if you can choose to retire, you still insist on participating in the competition, which is obviously “disgraceful”, which is quite unfavorable for the overall image of the club or the image of Chinese football as a whole. This can be seen from the public opinion responses of Asian countries and regions, even if it is a 0-0 draw with the Singapore Lion City Mariners, it cannot cover up the fact of “make a fool of myself”, let alone use the so-called words of training young players to comfort myself. Seek a kind of psychological relief.

In fact, for the Taishan Youth Army who went on this expedition, since they insisted on participating in the competition, a very intriguing situation is that the situation and situation faced by the club and the Guangzhou club are completely different, especially in terms of staffing and selection of personnel, the Taishan team is far away More abundant than the Guangzhou team. So, in the face of such a high-level event as the AFC Champions League, why can’t you choose more substitute players from the first team to go south with the team?

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In this AFC Champions League group stage, No. 23 Yixian Long was a relatively prominent player, although he failed to score a goal. However, the reason why Yixianlong can play his technical and tactical level normally is not unrelated to his loan to Jiangxi team in the past two years to compete in China A, to follow the U21 National Youth Team to compete in China B, and to loan Zhejiang team to complete the task of supercharging. In the Luneng Club, there are probably not a few players like Yixian Long. For example, Xie Wenneng, who is the same age as Yixian Long, also joined the U21 National Youth Team in last year’s China Second League, and then rented to Qingdao Manatee to complete the mission of the League One; and Su Bi, who is also in the 01 age group, also followed the National Youth Team. Played in the Chinese League Two for the past two years.

There are many such examples. In terms of the first team, substitute players like Liu Junshuai and Dai Lin can also go out with the team, not to mention that there are many previously rented players in the 99-year-old age group.

Assuming such a group of players who have already played in the domestic professional league, plus some old players, will the Shandong team’s performance and performance in this year’s AFC Champions League be better than the current 1 point? So, why do you have to choose a group of younger “raw melon eggs” who have never even made their debut in the professional league? This is probably worth discussing and reflecting on. You must know that since the decision to play, it is not only a question of whether the team can qualify, but the result is more related to the future quota of the entire Chinese Super League to play in the AFC Champions League.

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It is precisely because of this that the Shandong team must not sum up with the so-called young players who have undergone training and tests, let alone talk about masturbation. To a certain extent, the Taishan team’s appearance in the AFC Champions League this time is more worthy of reflection than the Guangzhou team.

Putting aside the above problems, return to the youth training that the Taishan team has always been proud of. The players sent this time are all post-00 players, and all of them are players from the Weifang Football School. While affirming that it has persistently attached importance to young players and echelon construction in the past 20 years, this AFC Champions League has actually further exposed the foundation and level of the football school’s youth training. To a certain extent, on the basis of continuing to persist, the thinking of Shandong Luneng Football School may also need to be adjusted.

It should be admitted that Luneng Football School has cultivated a large number of available people for Chinese football over the years. However, it should be seen that the people who come out of the football school can only be used by domestic teams. Since Zhou Haibin, Wang Yongpo and others, it seems that it is difficult for the football school to directly provide better talents for the national team.

This is precisely what the football school deserves to reflect on and summarize. Youth teams at all levels of the football school have won numerous championships in domestic youth competitions, but to be content with domestic championships may be a little short-sighted. Therefore, on the basis of insisting on the cultivation of young players, how can we stand out and cultivate one or two or even more young players who can rank in the Asian football world when Chinese football is at a low point? This should be the direction and goal of the football school. Only by standing higher can we see farther and truly blaze a new trail in the training of Chinese youth players.Return to Sohu, see more

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