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Vigevano anticipates tonight against Legnano (at -2)

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Elachem is tied for first with San Miniato and Omegna Legnano chases Alessandro Ferri at two points, ko in the week he should be on the field


After last week’s victory in the derby against Pavia, Elachem Vigevano is back on the field tonight away at 20.30 in the match against Legnano.

It is a high-level clash, because Vigevano is first on equal points with San Miniato and Omegna, while Legnano chases detached by only two points in group A of Serie B. If Vigevano wins, he could detach a direct competitor by four points, while Legnano would succeed in the engagement. During the week the ducals trained hard, despite having to do without one of the main attacking terminals, that is the winger Alessandro Ferri, who was at rest due to the after-effects of an ankle injury reported in the Derby. Ferri should still be on the pitch tonight.

“We enjoyed the derby victory, – explains coach Paolo Piazza – which came at the end of a perfect match, but since Tuesday morning we have been concentrating on the next match against a top-tier team, fresh from two defeats in the derby with San Giorgio. and with Piombino. In this last race they paid for the absence of a fundamental rotation like Sebastiano Bianchi and Piombino’s day of grace who put in 99 points. Legnano has a high-level roster with several League 2 players, first of all Marino who has always played in League 2 and is one of the best players in the category. We can say that it was a coup from President Tajana, who made sure of it. Then there is Casini who has always played in higher leagues, Terenzi is one of the most important guards in the category and they have Leardini who hurt us last year with Crema ».

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Even Vigevano, however, so far is not a team to be underestimated. In fact, so far he has lost only one match almost in the siren away to Empoli. Piazza himself explains: «We come from a match against Pavia – he says – which cost us a lot of nervous energy and it is our task to plan the match against Legnano well from a tactical point of view. We know well that if we go to play a game at 80 or 90 points it will be very difficult for us. However, we trained well and we feel ready for this type of commitment ».

Against a team with skilled attacking terminals, which Elachem Vigevano has already beaten in the Super Cup, Vigevano’s winning recipe will once again be defense. In the cup match, the yellow and blue managed to win at the last minute, despite a last quarter at a high level by Marino, especially from the perimeter. Today the figures prove Vievano right, who is the second best rear guard in the championship and the first attack for points scored. –

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