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Vigevano corsair in Piombino and always leader

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Elachem at the top of the ranking with San Miniato. The yellow and blue start well, drop in the third period but take home the 2 points

VIGEVANO. Still first. Vigevano remains in the lead after having overcome perhaps the hardest obstacle of these first four games of the Serie B championship, that is the trip to Piombino ended 58-63 in favor of the team of coach Piazza. Elachem starts well, struggles in the third quarter and exits in the final, winning the two points that allow the ducals to still occupy the top of the standings with San Miniato, the only other undefeated team in the group.

Ducali immediately ahead

Elachem Vigevano arrives in Tuscany with the aim of continuing the positive streak, but it is not easy, because Piombino in this first part of the championship did not shine, but remains a team with technique and centimeters, therefore difficult to beat. The hosts fielded a well-equipped quintet at the level of longs, with the trio Pistolesi-Eliantonio-Paolin. It is the latter in the first minutes to cope with the attacks of Vigevano, who in the first quarter draws Rosa from the bench which allows his team to stay in front. Who ignites the enthusiasm, however, is Procacci first with the shot from below of 21-25 and then with the triple of 21-28, born from an open shot, the result of a collective sleep of the Tuscan defense.

Meanwhile, the hosts have to deal with Pedroni’s injury, who has to leave the pitch ahead of time. Piombino takes the lead only once in the first half, but has the great quality of always finding the right basket to stop Vigevano’s enthusiasm. Like when Bianchi put the first triple of the match in the second quarter for his team. Vigevano tries again in the final quarter, but remains on +10 for a few seconds, thanks to two points from Giorgi, who moves well with his back to the basket. But then Pistolesi sets off a bomb that reduces the hosts’ advantage. The return for the Tuscans is lightning fast and they immediately try to mend relying on Paolin in great shape, who first opens the dances and then closes a choral action started by the defense to fix the 42-47 up to the 48-49 of Tognacci, which forces coach Piazza to call the time out.

Vigevano fight and in the end the check

But it is not enough because Piombino succeeds in overtaking upon his return. Nothing wrong. At the opening of the last period, Rossi plays the charge with 5 points and then it’s the usual Procacci who drags the yellow and blue. In the last minutes, however, the difference is made by the defenses. They shoot a lot from afar, but score little and the ducals are more able to manage the advantage that leads them to win the fourth consecutive victory.

There is no time to rest, however, because next Sunday at Basletta there is Langhe Roero, who with his six points is a direct pursuer of the yellow and blue. Vigevano has already overtaken it in the Super Cup, but the opponents should not be underestimated and Sunday’s match could represent a turning point. San Miniato will instead receive Sangiorgese at home, who with his two points in the championship is in third last place in the standings and on paper represents a more affordable opponent than the one that will face the Vigevano Basketball.

Andrea balloons

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