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Vigevano in the evening no, Legnano punishes her abrupt awakening after the exploit in the derby

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Burning departure of the hosts, then Elachem returns to get under, but a counter-break closes the conversation


A wasted opportunity. Vigevano does not repeat the exploit of the derby and loses against Legnano in a match that from the first minutes certainly did not do well for the boys of coach Paolo Piazza. The other leaders Omegna also falls, one point in Livorno with Libertas, which means that if San Miniato loses today with Pavia, the ducals would still remain in the lead in the high ranking group.

In Legnano the yellow and blue for the first time this season must always chase with the hosts always in control. Elachem, perhaps on the wave of victory with Pavia, let themselves be taken by enthusiasm and abandon that type of basketball, based on defense and transitions, which has always produced results so far.

Immediately in trouble

The burning departure of Legnano takes Vigevano by surprise. Coach Piazza had warned his team this week, inviting them not to get carried away in a game with too offensive tones. However, the recommendations are not successful, because 3 ‘is enough for Legnano to bring the result to 12-3, thanks to the Casini-Bianchi duo. It takes Filippo Rossi off the bench to break the yellow-blue fast and to follow Ferri first with a 2/2 to free and then with a triple, which forces coach Eliantonio to time out. Upon his return, Legnano manages the result and before the second period Vigevano does not wake up. Gatti with a 2/2 to the free and then Procacci from 3 manage to mend, also because the defense of the yellow and blue finally works and for 3 ‘the hosts remain dry-mouthed. After the time out called by the Legnano bench, the yellow and blue continue their march. From a rebound won in defense, Gatti’s spinning basket was born, closing the break 9-0. But that’s not enough: first Casini responds by juggling three defenders under the basket and then Terenzi punishes Vigevano from the perimeter. At the party are joined by Marino and Bianchi who put the 44-30. Vigevano tries, but pays for the imprecision from 3, the discontinuity in attack and the breaks of Legnano, who gains confidence. The last quarter opens with the hosts boarding and in less than 3 ‘the scoreboard says 65-48. Vigevano reacts and increases the pressure, managing in part to mend, but Legnano sips his energy and in the last period leads the game that allows Eliantonio’s boys to hook Vigevano and the other leaders. For the ducals next Sunday there is Unicusano Pielle Livorno at 6pm at the PalaBasletta. –

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