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Vigevano passes to Varese and Ferri remains in command (20 points) and Procacci make the difference

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Second consecutive victory for Elachem that repels Robur’s comeback attempts up to Peroni’s decisive triple


The second victory of Vigevano in the championship comes this time on the parquet of Robur Varese. Two points that allow the ducals to stay on top. But the score shouldn’t be deceiving. Coach Piazza’s boys kept the bar straight throughout the game, immediately taking the lead, making themselves reach, but punching down their opponents when it was time. Without Mercante and with two longs of experience like Pilotti and Allegretti, the game was not easy to set up for coach Piazza, also because Varese is a young team but with expert and quality elements. One above all, the former Pavia Spatti able to punish the ducals several times by freeing himself in the high post, thanks also to the pick n’pop that the hosts use several times. Without forgetting Maruca and poisonous Somaschini often from a distance.

Departure launched

Elachem starts immediately in speed and traces the groove with a break of 0-6. The Gialloblu make attack speed their extra weapon. The systematic ball out and shot in the first quarter manages to give depth to the maneuver of the ducals, while Varese prefers to mend the tear by playing on the transitions.

The tie comes only at the opening of the second period (20-20 at 13 ‘), but Vigevano immediately responds with two free throws and a frontal triple from Ferri who brings the score back to 20-25. The Gialloblu seem to have no limits, and Gatti signs the 22-31 at 15 ‘with the seventh consecutive triple for Elachem Vigevano. Elachem seems to be safe when Allegretti puts the triple almost on the deadline. Only Ferri responds in the siren to a triple that closes the first half at 33-38 that allows the guests to go to the long break with the advantage. The return to the field is lightning fast and Vigevano immediately lengthens the gap, but Varese does not give up and Somaschini with a triple puts the 57 61. The game could reopen, but Vigevano puts a counterbreak of 0-7, thanks also to the ability to shoot from the distance with continuity that the ducals have refined. In the last period the hosts found in the trio Maruca-Somaschini-Allegretti a flywheel that pulls them up to -4 from the opponents. At this moment any other team could have lost their heads, but the yellow and blue find the Procacci-Peroni combination with the first who frees the second in the low post for the triple that effectively closes the discussion. Little remains to be done for Varese, other than to take note of the second consecutive knockout, while Vigevano proves to be a team capable of winning away, even with an important absence such as that of Mercante, who after being suspended from the next match will be available again. –

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