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VILLA DE PITANXO SHIPWRECK | The ‘Ártabro’ locates the structure of a ship in the area where the Pitanxo sank

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VILLA DE PITANXO SHIPWRECK |  The ‘Ártabro’ locates the structure of a ship in the area where the Pitanxo sank

06/02/2023 at 09:00


“Families are hopeful,” they say | The underwater robot will carry out a dive on Saturday to confirm if it is the Galician fishing boat sunk in February 2022

He ship ‘Ártabro’ combing the Grand Banks of Newfoundland in search of the shipwrecked’Villa de Pitanxoha located the structure of a ship five days after having started the work for the search, location and inspection of the wreck. This has been communicated by relatives of the deceased sailors to Faro de Vigo, from the Prensa Ibérica group.

Families are hopeful“, they point out after the announcement by the mission that seeks to clarify what happened in February 2022 when the Pesquerías Nores Marín ship sank claiming the lives of 21 people. there was only three survivors, now involved in a case directed by Judge Ismael Moreno of the National Court to determine what happened and purify responsibilities. The boss, Juan Enrique Padín, is accused of 21 homicides for gross negligence, against the rights of workers, document falsehood and cover-up.

The location of the remains of the wreck has been possible thanks to a side scan sonar. It launches sound beams at the bottom of the sea, which bounce, reproducing in the Furuno system a kind of recreation based on those ultrasonic pulses. The ACSM team has had to observe this type of fishing vessel on deck, compatible with a 50-meter-long vessel. At the moment it is a point of interest to be confirmed, or spot. The wreckage of the ship may be split, on its side, or with relative integrity.

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As Faro learned, the ROV model Triton (a robot controlled remotely from the deck of the Ártabro) I could do the dive this Saturday, when the weather conditions will be more propitious. This will allow viewing the name of the boat and thus confirm if it is the ‘Villa de Pitanxo’, something that -for the moment- is only a hypothesis.

Regarding the exterior of the ship, pictures will be taken of the hull, the decks, winches, reels, tank sighs, openings, life raft supports and the radio beacon. Also of the doors and hatches -if they were stuck or burst due to the pressure when sinking-, the scuppers and other passive drainage systems.

The key, in any case, will be in the rig, and that is why this team has been entrusted with recording of the seabed along the route the net was being dragged from 02:00 UTC on February 15, 2022 to the point where the wreck settles.

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