Home Sports Viola Scavarda at the age of 9 becomes champion of Italy

Viola Scavarda at the age of 9 becomes champion of Italy

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Viola Scavarda at the age of 9 becomes champion of Italy


Viola Scavarda, 9 years old, from Lugnacco, rider of the Cavalchiusella stable, on the saddle of “Happycuoricina”, recently became Italian champion of Mountain trail Imtha (Italian mountain trail horse Association), Novice Youth category (6-12 years) in Gottolengo (Brescia).

Viola started riding at the age of 4 on “Furia” a black pony. To follow her in the first exercises of her mother Debora and father Guido, third level technician in mountain trai, qualified to examine riders and amazons and issue certificates and patents for the specialty. Viola’s first competitions at regional level at 6 years, on “Furia”. At the age of seven she then got on the saddle right on “Happycuoricina”, with which she in fact conquered the Italian title.

Papa Guido recounts: «There isn’t a day that Viola doesn’t get on horseback. The table that we parents have prepared for you includes three days of lessons and two days of training per week. And on her days off, Viola always finds the time for a buck on “Happycuoricina”.

«The agreements with Viola are clear – father Guido explains – first the homework, then the horse. Luckily she is also very good at school ».

Viola has a training field, a few steps away from the stables, on which Guido simulates race courses with all the fixed and mobile obstacles that must be faced and overcome in competitions. A leg of the Italian specialty championship was held on the same Lugnacco route in May. If Viola faced the first competitions with understandable emotion, along the way she gained such confidence that now allows her to approach the competitions with complete peace of mind. Obviously, with the Italian title won in Gottolengo, her self-esteem will have grown even more.

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Father Guido again: «Viola does not boast in any way of the successes achieved. The day after a victory, she resumes training with the same commitment and usual stubbornness, as if she hadn’t achieved anything».

Viola’s is the beginning of an adventure that sees hundreds of children approaching horse riding in the beautiful and well-equipped Canavese stables that were among the first in Piedmont, for example, to include hippotherapy as a discipline aimed at the care of pathologies and not only as a playful activity: this is due to the foresight of many horse riding enthusiasts.

Viola’s sister Martina, 13, also competes in the Mountain Trial. Given her age, she still competes with adults. And after winning the Italian title, it will be the same for Viola. In short, challenges are announced in the family.james big

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