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Viqueria still without a field, the future remains to be clarified

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Viqueria still without a field, the future remains to be clarified

The company from Voghera has until 21 July to register for the Second League championship but still lacks a venue to play the championship.


The future of the Viqueria hangs by a thread. The company from Voghera has until 21 July to register for the Second category championship, but there is an obstacle to overcome linked to the sports field.

“For rent in Parisi”

After the last season spent “rented” at the Parisi stadium, the Viqueria, considered excessive the costs for the concession of the stadium to be paid to Vogherese, which manages the plant by virtue of an agreement in place with the Municipality, must find a solution alternative, with less and less time available. The club, founded 5 years ago, does not want to give up, but the situation remains complex. The management of the Viqueria reconstructs the evolution of the last few months, marked by many hardships: «The season just ended has outlined organizational situations and economic impacts much higher than expectations. This sporting year should have led to the recognition of the Viqueria as a sporting reality, with the birth of various projects, both of a sporting and social and playful nature, such as the creation of a football school with our name. Unfortunately, the continuation of Covid has blocked any possibility in this sense. We thank the municipal administration for providing us with the Vanoni field for training; in reality, however, this sports center represents a limit for the conditions of the fund and a potential source of injuries. It should also be considered that in the post-pandemic, the financial contributions of sponsors further decreased. To these complications, we add the proposal to rent the Parisi stadium, which came from Vogherese in recent days, which however is economically unacceptable ».

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On this issue, the Viqueria is still waiting for an intervention from the municipal administration: «We are still waiting, in the hope that the Municipality will help us find a reasonable agreement with Vogherese. Now, sensationally, there seems to be a possibility, a window of opportunity for negotiation. Otherwise we would be forced to find a sports field outside the city, with the hope that the municipal administration can help us, as we are talking about a company from Voghera, both in the management organization and in the majority of players ». The scenario is complicated but the management team of the Viqueria does not want to raise the white flag: «The closure of the company would be the most painful solution, which we do not want to think about. We still believe that there can be mediation, in the interest of everything “. –


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