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Voghe-Varzi, finally it will be a high altitude derby

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On Sunday the match against Parisi, the Rossoneri trailing by 5 points on the assault of the leaders. For Giacomotti the thrust of the fifth victory in a row, grenade with heavy absences after Verbano

VOGHERA. It will be a Vogherese-Varzi with a lot up for grabs, on Sunday at Parisi, a high-altitude derby of which the memory was lost between two protagonist teams of group A of Excellence, with the grenades still unbeaten at the top together with Castanese, the Rossoneri detached by 5 points but in a great comeback.

Voghe, with Giacomotti only victories

Five consecutive victories, fifth place in the standings. The growth of Voghe is well evidenced by exciting numbers. The string of successes has given awareness to the Rossoneri team, who are confidently looking at the derby with the leaders Varzi, coached by Alessandro Pagano, former Voghe player employed by Massimo Giacomotti, the current Rossoneri coach. «We know that Varzi is among the best equipped teams in the group. We have the utmost respect for every opponent, but we must not be afraid », underlines Giacomotti, who has always won since he took over the reins of Voghe. Lazzate’s external strike showed a compact and sacrificial team, with the forwards who did their utmost in a precious cover job.

For the first time in Giacomotti’s management, the Rossoneri team closed the match without conceding any goals, thanks to a careful and concentrated defense and a superlative De Toni between the posts. Once again, Voghe benefited from her tactical flexibility. After the start with the 4-4-2, in the second half coach Giacomotti turned towards the 4-3-1-2, with the entry of Castellano to reinforce the midfield and the displacement of Bollini on the trocar, behind Quaggio and Roman.

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In attack, with Bahirov on the bench due to a muscle strain, Alessio Quaggio took the stage, in his first jersey as a starter since the arrival of Mr. Giacomotti. The Milanese striker, deployed alongside Romano, imposed himself with his physicality and put his hand in the three goals, with the stamp of 2-0 in lob and the decisive participation in the other two scoring. Good feedback came once again from the substitutes, with Castellano immediately tonic and author of the third goal. “In this group, everyone feels involved and when called into question, they respond well”, Giacomotti underlines.

Varzi with patches after Verbano

A week of doubts for Varzi in view of the Voghera derby. Who will play in goal? Who will act as a central defensive player? Who will be used behind the tips? The 3-1 victory over Verbano left behind. Mister Pagano (one of the many ex of the Parisi challenge) has a large and well-assorted squad, even if the infirmary is starting to get crowded. The various Toledo and Paganin were joined by the central Scarcella, who came out with Verbano, due to a muscular problem (it could be a strain). The goalkeeper question. Murriero’s expulsion did not take place. After a first yellow card, the direct red has arrived, he risks two rounds of stoppage. With Verbano he made up for the eternal Luca Masotino who, as third extreme defender (with experience to sell) could be the chosen one for Sunday, although the derby would feel him particularly being Vogherese doc. In the goalkeeping list, the second is the young Stropeni (born in 2000), who arrived this summer from Vis Nova but has never been officially employed until now. It would be his debut, in addition in a derby.

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For the defense, however, the hypotheses are different. The emergency one, to move the expert midfielder Rebuscini in line with Gnaziri, but it would remove him from the nerve center of the maneuver; or hijack Orrico ductile in acting both from the right outside and from the central (with the return of Ruggieri to the right). Or even think of launching from 1 ‘Calloni (1999) who made his debut in the grenade jersey with Verbano. We will then have to understand if Simone Crea, scoring against the Piedmontese, will be in the physical condition to start a match from the start. Crea could act behind the strikers (with Bresciani in front of the defense if Rebuscini was used by the defensive center). In midfield the young Marcinnò could finally be ready to return, who was doing so well, before running into a forced break due to a bacterial form. –

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