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Vogherese-Derthona: a derby spanning two regions

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Vogherese-Derthona: a derby spanning two regions

It’s the first time I’ve set foot in the stadium Parisi of Voghera and given the discreet crowd present today for this derby I believe I made the right choice, that I chose the right race.

In fact, Voghera and Tortona, despite being the first in Lombardy and the second in Piedmont, are only 18 km away from each other, therefore it is right to talk about derby.

I set foot in the stands right at the kick-off, just to see the choreography of the hosts who display a cloth depicting the Cathedral of San Lorenzo (a symbolic monument of Voghera) accompanied by the writing “Pride and Belonging”.

In the north steps behind the banner Ultras Voghera there is a nice, very compact group present and colored by the presence of the flags CNG, Ultras Girls 2022 e Death Brigade.

As for the visiting fans, there are around seventy people present in the sector dedicated to them, but they simply limit themselves to following the match and waving a couple of flags, despite the presence of the banners Lions Supporters, Shocks Derthona, Lucky Boys e Banda Vigu.

This last group is mentioned in a mocking banner displayed by the Voghera ultras. Halfway through the first half, a second banner is the protagonist in the north steps, to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of the death of Stefano Furlan complete with a dedicated choir.

Even though the derby is a bit atypical, with no chants against it to accentuate the certain disagreement that was evident from the banner, I must however say that the support from the home team is really at good levels, both from the singing point of view and from the visual, and finally as continuity. A real gem for this category, almost a rare pearl in a group where organized fans are very few.

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It’s a real shame that we can’t say the same about the Juventus fans who feel practically alone because of the celebration of their team’s goal, which comes after a quarter of an hour of play. The match will then end 1-0 in favor of the guests, who will therefore be the only ones to be happy at the end of the ninety minutes.

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