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Volkswagen is developing the interconnected chassis

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The German automobile giant is developing a new generation of chassis and steering systems capable of responding in real time and autonomously to stimuli because they are connected with on-board software.

While the estimates on the uptake of electric cars in the coming years are optimistic, the same is true for those relating to autonomous driving systems. By 2025 (according to a Pwc Italia study) 100% of cars in Europe will be connected. By 2030, around 20 million self-driving cars will circulate in Europe, 2.8 million in Italy. Optimistic estimates, in fact. But not so far from reality, given the recent and increasingly frequent investments in new mobility technologies. Here the Volkswagen group is developing a new generation of chassis, suitable for the context. A project that should reduce interference during the driving phases to a minimum, thanks to a simultaneous dialogue between mechanics and electronics managed by a software ready to elaborate an answer in case of need.

Connected chassis and steering

After all, Volkswagen sees software and autonomous driving as the real challenges for the future of the car. Electrification, in comparison, is (as recently demonstrated) a path already well underway and defined. Information technology and automation are absorbing most of the investments and could transform the German group into a provider of mobility services in the near future. According to this perspective, the next generation of chassis will be developed to meet the new need for autonomous driving. Pitch, roll, drift and all other travel interference should be completely canceled. Mechanics and electronics will communicate with each other and an operating system will process a stimulus in response to the different conditions, allowing the structure to offer maximum comfort on board. The steering will also undergo important technological additions, improving the driving assistance systems that will be increasingly precise and effective. The technical limitations that currently limit concrete applications of autonomous driving may soon be overcome.

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