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Volkswagen Passat: what we know about the next generation

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Volkswagen Passat: what we know about the next generation

The ninth generation of Passat is expected by the end of 2023 in the station wagon configuration only with mainly electrified engines. A summary of likely characteristics

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The next generation of Volkswagen Passat (the ninth since 1973) will arrive by the end of 2023. Many innovations are expected, starting with the choice to produce it only in the station wagon configuration, evidently the favorite among customers of the Volkswagen family par excellence. It will be built on the basis of the platform Mqb updated and will have a wide choice of engines including some with strong electrification. However, a fully electric version does not seem to have been envisaged given that the future of low-emission family cars will be inaugurated by the next ID.7, presented very recently at CES in Las Vegas.

Hybrid engines

Therefore, the new Passat will not be the first of the next generation of Volkswagen electric family members: the task will, if anything, be up to the members of the ID family. The proposal will remain very broad and certainly electrified but the offer of internal combustion engines will still prevail. On the other hand, the Passat has always known how to interpret the most intense use and versatility needs. Petrol and diesel will remain in the range but with a mild hybrid electrification component that will allow them to comply with the homologation parameters. An important update should concern the plug-in hybrid power unit which could be offered in a renewed and more efficient version. It will almost certainly be placed at the top of the product offer, with expected system power exceeding 250 HP and all-wheel drive. The structure should be composed of the 1.5-litre Tsi Ev02 internal combustion engine supported by an electrical element: a configuration that Volkswagen could also propose again for all future plug-ins. The car would also receive a new accumulator which, in the intentions, would guarantee a low-emissions mileage close to 100 km in total.

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More space on board and new interiors

The passenger compartment will also receive important updates that will modify its image, aligning it with the most recent Volkswagen products. A 15″ screen located in the center of the dashboard should house the entertainment system, with the keys underneath for setting the temperature and other on-board parameters. The instrument panel will also be entirely digital and should be able to have a diagonal of more than 12 ” thus offering ample visibility and a vast choice of content to be viewed. The new Passat will integrate the latest driver assistance systems which should allow it to obtain at least the second level of autonomous driving. The space on board (which has always been a recognized feature of the Passat) will increase above all for the rear passengers who will find greater ease for their legs and head. The boot capacity is expected to be around 650 liters of minimum capacity.

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