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Volley A3: Da Rold, ranks over. Nesello: “The team fights on every point”

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Lorenzo Nesello between Alex Paganin and Danilo De Santis

Poletto’s deputy satisfied after the victory at Brugherio. “The boys are learning the value of the sacrifice asked by the coach”

Learning to struggle. Diego Poletto preaches it every day in training, instilling the mentality of sacrifice in his boys. And slowly Da Rold Logistics is grasping the concept, understanding week after week what the A3 championship needs are.

Certainly the 3-0 obtained in Brianza against Brugherio is a great signal sent to oneself, to the environment and also to the championship. An external success had never arrived until now and also a victory was missing without any lost set. True, the hosts were among the teams at the bottom of the standings, but Da Rold found themselves with only three points more and the away match was not easy. Now we are certainly better in the middle group.

And there would be the will to stay, as the assistant coach explains Lorenzo Nesello.

«I believe the team is learning the value of sacrifice, on which Poletto fights so much in the gym. To be able to win it is necessary to remain attached to every point, every situation. The opponents must be granted the bare minimum: if they have problems, if they have to solve them, we certainly don’t have to give them a hand ».

Two wins in a row, five consecutive games in points, even if some of them were mocking tie – breaks. The new category seems to have caught on pretty soon.

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«On Sunday, for example, after having missed five beats at the beginning of the first set out of the total seven, the way of managing the fundamental changed. And more generally, maybe we have expressed a less spectacular volleyball, but more effective. Often in previous matches we have lost due to episodes, single balls not used in the correct way. This perhaps sometimes led to discouragement. Now we are growing in this respect, trying to do during training what could then happen in a match ».

Looking at the rankings is undoubtedly more rewarding, isn’t it? And above all, it allows you to know how to live the challenges even with the right fun, avoiding dangerous hassles.

«The premise remains one: we must save ourselves, then we think about the rest. After that, we were faced with a pretty tough start to the season. We lost against the strong Pineto and Macerata, succumbing following the fifth set in Bologna. Now in fact we are finding our dimension, managing to increase the pace of the games. Everyone deserves this, because in training every player is called upon to express himself to the maximum, if he wants to make those who then take the field grow. This is happening in our team, where every single one proves to be fundamental beyond his Sunday match ».

Next engagement with Savigliano.

«We will study it in these days. They certainly come from a 3-2 victory against San Donà, which is certainly a formation that should not be underestimated. In short, I believe the usual complicated challenge awaits us ».

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Let’s move on to your role as second manager.

«In September I completed the special course, and now I can play the vice in any category and train as the first coach from the male C down and from the female B2 down. I try to make my contribution, supporting Diego, who is responsible for directing the training sessions as a whole. Maybe I give directions to one sextet and he to the other and so on. In the game, on the other hand, together with the other figures, we try to study the various game situations, in order to adopt the necessary counter-moves as a team ».

So on Sunday we return to the Spes Arena.

«And we hope the public will follow us even more numerous, within the limits of capacity. Having said that, we have begun to make a few trips and like ours for the moment there are none elsewhere ».

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