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Volley Nations League, Italy beats Germany. Now Brazil

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Volley Nations League, Italy beats Germany.  Now Brazil

Egonu and her companions clearly surpass Germany. Tomorrow at 20 they face the landlords

Italy-Germany 3-0 (25-19, 25-22, 27-25)

Third important victory for Italy that against Vital Heynen’s Germany conquers a clear success and shows greater harmony even if still not an exceptional pace. Tomorrow at 20 we repeat with the hosts of Brazil. The last stop in two weeks in Bulgaria. Mazzanti sends Malinov-Egonu, Degradi-Bosetti, Danesi-Chirichella, De Gennaro free. Heynen chooses Kastner-Alsmeier, Stigrot-Orthmann Weitzel-Cekulaev, Pogany (L). The first uphill set with a 5-1 by Heynen’s team trying to take the blue by surprise. Some difficulties in meshing in defense and reception for De Gennaro and his companions while in attack he immediately meshes well enough with Egonu and Bosetti while Malinov seeks a more frequent understanding in the center. After two thirds of balance, Italy tears and closes. Second set in a run-up with several initial errors in which Italy slows down and is surprised by German aggression. The blues struggle a bit to catch up and reach the threshold of 20 before overtaking thanks to the usual Egonu and a progressively higher pace. Bosetti closes. Same pattern in the third with the reception dancing and Orthmann and companions who take advantage of it even going to +5. Also this time it is a lesson in patience for Malinov and his companions between a well-placed wall and a broadside by Egonu until reaching the level only on 22-22. It takes point to point to end the game.

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