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Volleyball 2001 stopped championship Sunday, decisive recovery

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Volleyball 2001 stopped championship Sunday, decisive recovery

Garlasco takes the field this evening (20.30) at the PalaDozza in Bologna In the event of a defeat, Bertini’s team risks losing to the penultimate place


This weekend the men’s A3 series volleyball championship stops to make room for the Final Four of the Italian Cup, but Volley 2001 Garlasco will still be on the field, tonight at 20.30 at the PalaDozza in Bologna for the very delicate recovery of the championship match with Geetit Bologna scheduled for their fourth return leg and then postponed due to Covid problems (referees Simone Fontini from Aprilia and Fabio Bassan from Manerba del Garda).

After the last repeated defeats and the concomitant positive results of many of the direct competitors in the battle for salvation, the position of the boys trained by coach Vittorio Bertini has become very complicated and tonight’s match, contrary to what could have been hypothesized only a few weeks ago, does not has as its first objective the exit from the relegation or playout zone, but to avoid the engagement by the Bolognese team and the sliding down to the penultimate place, a serious situation since at the end of the regular season, or the next five days beyond the recovery today, the bottom two in the standings will be relegated directly to Serie B, while they will have to avoid the third relegation in a playout series, the third from last and the fourth from last in the standings.

At Volley 2001 Garlasco needed a three-point victory at all costs, first of all to remove the specter of the penultimate place and then to try to overtake one of the two teams that precede two points above.

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Of these, Monge Gerbaudo Savigliano is in full matches, while ViviBanca Torino recovers tomorrow afternoon the match not played at the time with Sa.Ma. Portomaggiore. Then, in two weeks, it will be decisive direct confrontation at the PalaRavizza with Monge Gerbaudo Savigliano. Time is running out and, after today’s recovery, there are only five regular season days left with Garlasco in the order next week in Belluno, then at home with Savigliano, then in a double trip first to Portomaggiore then to Montecchio Maggiore, before closing at home with Brugherio. A calendar that is anything but easy, especially given the latest performances offered by the team of coach Vittorio Bertini. In particular, the last set lost on Sunday at home against San Donà di Piave hit very badly, a representation of collapse and disconnect that was, in truth, already partially glimpsed in the trip to Pordenone three weeks ago. We need a spark, a signal that makes it clear to the environment and to the outside world that the team is still alive and believes in it.

A3 men’s series, group White, ranking after the eighth second leg: Videx Grottazzolina 54 points; Abba Pineto 50; Tinet Prata di Pordenone 48; Med Store Tunit Macerata 47; Sa.Ma. Portomaggiore 34; Volleyball Team San Donà di Piave 33; Sol Lucernari Montecchio Maggiore 29; From Rold Logistics Belluno, Vigilar Fano 27; Monge Gerbaudo Savigliano, ViviBanca Torino 20; Volley 2001 Garlasco 18; Geetit Bologna 15; Brugherio 10. (Sa.Ma. Portomaggiore, ViviBanca Torino, Volley 2001 Garlasco, Geetit Bologna one game less). –

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Fabio Babetto

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