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Volleyball: A-1 women, Bergamo kicks Milan in a comeback. Chieri doesn’t stop

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Volleyball: A-1 women, Bergamo kicks Milan in a comeback.  Chieri doesn’t stop

Vero Volley still defeated in the tiebreak. Many big names in the shade. The Piedmontese slip in the fifth victory in a row in Macerata

The matches of the third day of return.

Bergamo-Milan 3-2

(14-25, 25-17, 23-25, 25-19, 16-14) Volley Bergamo interrupts the negative streak of 4 games without a win, in which they had only collected one point. He does so at the expense of a high-ranking rival, Vero Volley Milano, reassembling it twice and folding it at the end of a hard-fought tie-break, in which the away team had a match ball at its disposal, wasted by a wrong serve by Davyskiba. For Vero Volley it is the second tie-break defeat in a row, after the one against Casalmaggiore a week ago. On the other hand, Volley Bergamo drives away the evil eye of the tie-break after having lost all three of the previous ones. The match is a melting pot of emotions, all concentrated in the second part, after the first two sets had finished with clear scores, one for each side. At Vero Volley some players of sure reference have been sensationally missing, such as Davyskiba, Sylla, Stevanovic and Orro herself, who coach Gaspari has often hijacked on the bench. The fact is that the Milanese team lacked above all in the conclusions, in which the most continuous was the American Larson. The central players Folie and Rettke are also discreet, the latter entering from the third set in place of Stevanovic. In Volley Bergamo, protagonist of a high-level choral test, the opposite Frosini was decisive, already entering the first set in place of a blurry Lorrayna. However, Coach Micoli had convincing answers from all the players: Gennari was precise and inspired by playmaking, Butigan was unsurpassed in blocking. The other central player Stufi finished with 10 points and a good 50%. Also excellent are Lanier, the young Cagnin and a Cecchetto who has collected everything and more in defense. (In line with Serantoni)

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Macerata-Chieri 0-3 (12-25, 18-25, 22-25)

In just over an hour, Chieri liquidated Macerata, which resulted in the seventh consecutive defeat. In addition to the enormous difference in values ​​on the field, which could have been foreseen on the eve, a CBF in confusion in the first two sets contributed to the clear success of the Piedmontese and partially redeemed itself in the third. Grobelna mvp and top scorer with 18 points in the match flanked by Cazaute and Rozenski left no way out for the Marches, with very impactful serve and block (6 winning blocks), as well as an attack (49%) that shot almost twice as positive than that of Macerata. One-way first set, Chieri’s approach is devastating for Macerata who immediately collects a 0-4 with the guests calling into question especially the central Weitzel. The play of the visitors was more fluid and Mazzaro asserted themselves even against the block, significantly increasing Reale Mutua’s advantage (4-12). Who, with service and blocks that hurt her opponents, leaves in total control of the match (7-19). Too much Chieri and very little Macerata in this opening partial. Second more contested, because Cbf Balducci improves and Chieri gives away a few mistakes too many to the Marches (14-15). However, the balance was broken by Grobelina’s block which triggered a 5-0 break which allowed Chieri to calmly control the end of this set as well. Third who sees a reaction signal that comes from Montanaro for the Macerata players who bet a lot on the spiker Chaussee in order not to let Chieri run away definitively and in part they succeed (13-14). The point that marks the engagement with the opponents for a final to be experienced is from Fiesoli. Where the attacks of Grobelna and Cazaute added to the mistakes of Macerata deliver the set and the game to Chieri. (Mauro Giustozzi)

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Casalmaggiore-Cuneo 3-1

(26-24, 17-25, 25-20, 25-22) Andrea Pistola core ‘ngrate? No, Casalmaggiore simply needs points to continue on the path of continuity and improve the score of the first leg in the second leg: thus in the challenge of the former, the home squad knocks out Cuneo, for five years the home of the current Heavy Transport coach. The first set seems, especially in the heart of the partial, a ciapò challenge. Casalmaggiore goes ahead 16-12 and gets back together until 17-16 thanks to the good host block but above all to a series of attacks that are too soft. Cuneo does not seize the moment, with the defense on Malual falling directly into the opponent’s court for a truly singular point, and ahead 21-20 wastes a serve and a potentially simple attack, thus bringing the set to the advantage. Where, thanks to Frantti (attack plus block), Casalmaggiore wins. In the second set, however, it is a very heavy blackout that makes an important piece of the match slip out of Casalmaggiore’s hands. Szakmary and Diop rise to the chair continuing to push for Cuneo, who takes advantage of a bad moment from the squad, which after having held up only at the beginning of the set, dissolve and leave the road free for the Piedmontese, ruthless in taking advantage of it. From 8-12 to 9-19 a chasm opens up and at that point there is no point in recovering for Heavy Transport. If not for a good start in the third set with the usual Frantti who keeps Casalmaggiore at +3 and +4 in several rounds, with Sartori reviving a block instead of Lohuis. Frantti also puts in the ace and puts Trasporti Pesanti up to 14-8, so much so that Diop’s block on the American doesn’t hurt local self-esteem after all. When Caruso raises his tentacles, however, the set reopens: 14-12. The challenge is between mouths of fire with Szakmary, but Malual enters the duel with an ace and finally closes the partial on the heavy attack. In the fourth set Casalmaggiore starts with the wind in its sails and Cuneo struggles to come back: in particular Perinelli knocks down the wall at 16-10 which seems to mark the match definitively. After the point left in Milan (where the 3-2 victory was partially marred by the lack of full points), Casalmaggiore no longer wants to let anything slip, even if he risks wasting four match points. First with the conductor’s baton Carlini also plays well in the center with Melandri. A great Szakmary, who does not miss any hot ball, is not enough: Heavy Transport closes with Malual, decisive in the final alongside the overflowing Frantti, and celebrates with its fans. (John Gardani)

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