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Volleyball: A-1 women, Conegliano 11th win in a row

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Volleyball: A-1 women, Conegliano 11th win in a row

Santarelli makes turnover, but the Italian champion team moves to Macerata in advance of the championship

Macerata-Conegliano 0-3 (23-25, 16-25, 11-25)
Conegliano puts in its pearl number 11 of the season in the championship advance at the end of a challenge fought above all for a set and a half when Macerata managed to create difficulties for the very strong opponents who, however, raised the level in attack with Gray, Plummer (mvp ) and Robinson argued for the different technical caliber. No points for Cbf Macerata, but an injection of confidence in view of the next challenges that are certainly more within reach, while for Prosecco Doc Imoco the confirmation of a good state of form also in those players less employed by Santarelli who took advantage of this challenge to rotate his roster in view of the very important appointment with the Club World Cup in Turkey. As announced on the eve of the coach Santarelli makes a bit of a turnover in his initial sextet while the orange-blacks are in the standard formation.


A start that seems easy for the guests with a great Gray in attack and service who signs the break of 10-15. Macerata, however, does not disunite at all and responds present with Fiesoli and Malik who shorten the disadvantage and bring the set back into balance. Who offers emotions in the final part, with the Orange comeback (20-21) and Conegliano who resists, has two set balls canceled and closes in the third with Robinson (6 points). Cbf who restarts from where he closed the previous set with a 4-1 (first advantage of the match) signed by Abbott and Malik: Imoco struggling but slowly recovering with the challenge returning to point by point. Conegliano who takes advantage of some mistakes from the Marches to return to leading the dance in the score (10-13) but without however revealing the lucidity admired in other circumstances. Squarcini’s ace tries to shake up Imoco which in fact restarts and detaches the opponents on 13-18. It’s always the service that hurts Macerata with De Kruijf putting down the ace that slows down the orange-black attempt to stay hooked on the opponents. With Imoco going downhill to close a hard-fought set in the first half. The third is the one in which the technical gap between the two teams emerges the most: Macerata falls apart and Conegliano can travel in peace towards yet another full championship success.

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