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Volleyball also conquers the Italian Lottery

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Volleyball also conquers the Italian Lottery

A year so beautiful that it has become iconic. The twelve months full of successes and medals of blue volleyball celebrated by the Lottery Italy 2022 edition. On the tickets of the most famous prize game in our country, in fact, there will be a drawing that represents volleyball and the universal spirit of one of the most practice in the world. Among the 12 winning drawings of the second edition of the “Let’s draw luck” competition, promoted by the Customs and Monopoly Agency, there is also the one created by Michele Anselmo who, starting from the theme “Disability and Sport”, represented in his work volleyball, where cooperation and team play are fundamental ingredients.

Michele has drawn three-dimensional bodies with the figures that become silhouettes against the light. The Roman artist, supported by the Ultrablù association that promotes the artistic and cultural activities generated by neurodiversity, commented: “I participated in the competition thanks to Ultrablu, the Association I frequent in Rome and where I often find myself with other neurodivergent kids like me, to paint in the atelier. Last May I was asked to make a drawing on the theme “Disability and sport” which was then sent along with three other works by as many Ultrablu artists ». A choice that took the Roman artist by surprise: «Unexpectedly my drawing was selected and printed on the tickets of the Italian Lottery and I discovered it in September, when it was already on the market. You can imagine the enormous surprise and satisfaction: it is not every day that you see your own work distributed everywhere. I remember when for the first time I went to look for a ticket from a tobacconist to buy it and see it live, the man asked me: But why do you really want the volleyball one? Aren’t lottery tickets all the same? For me no. I drew this! I confessed timidly and even the tobacconist complimented me ».

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Michele Anselmo is also a true volleyball fan, a circumstance that prompted him to choose the subject of the drawing: “When they asked me to draw something about” Disability and sport “I didn’t think for a second: I will draw volleyball, the discipline my three granddaughters Elisa, Elena and Chiara have been practicing for some years, with whom I live. During the week my sister Barbara accompanies them to training and I often stay with her to watch them play. It’s wonderful to find that they make progress every game. I will probably never play volleyball, but I can still cheer and actively participate even from the stands: it is exciting and engaging, this sport also unites those who do not practice it in a wonderful team game ». This summer I followed the matches of our national team and I am very happy with the results obtained. Volleyball fascinates me very much and this season we will go with my whole family to see the matches of our club, Roma Volley, which plays in Serie A. Maybe I will be inspired by some other work, who knows! ».

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