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Volleyball: collapses Perugia, Piacenza-Trento final of the Italian Cup – Volleyball

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Volleyball: collapses Perugia, Piacenza-Trento final of the Italian Cup – Volleyball

Even Anastasi’s men are human: this is the news on the first day of the final four of the Coppa Italia in volleyball staged in Rome. Perugia, in fact, after 33 consecutive victories in the season, collapsed three sets to zero against Piacenza in front of the eyes of coach Fefè De Giorgi, in Rome to see the eight Azzurri in the match, while Itas Trentino reaches Botti’s boys in the final for one act final which will also be attended by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. Compared to last year, however, despite the fact that the four semi-finalists were the same, it will be who will contend for the title that will change. No remake of Perugia-Trento, despite Itas having reached the final, but he will face the outsider Piacenza. And of the three sets that the Emilians take to fly to a historic final, only the first is really fought with the final 28-30 for Botti’s team which in the following two takes advantage of Perugia’s many mistakes in service, ending with results of 20-25 and 22-25. “It’s a message for us, not for the championship – explained coach Botti at the end of the match – The spirit with which we took to the field made the difference”. And to those who asked him if he expected a different Perugia, he replied: “Frankly yes. But they are not cars, so credit to them for the championship they are playing”. For this Anastasi does not make dramas at the end of the game. “I told the boys: we immediately learned a good lesson. It had to arrive sooner or later, of course I’m sorry it arrived today”. The other semifinal was decidedly more contested, with Trento able to recover the 0-2 disadvantage, winning in the tiebreak 15-9. A blow-for-blow challenge between Kaziyski and Ishikawa, until the Japanese forfeits due to injury in the middle of the fourth set. “He’s a point of reference for us – said coach Piazza – But we won even without him. What I don’t understand is the collapse from the third onwards”. No regrets for Lorenzetti who makes an appointment at the Palazzetto for a final which, after today’s 10,000 spectators, will be sold out. And together with Mattarella, there will also be the minister for sport and young people, Andrea Abodi, and the number one of Coni, Giovanni Malagò.

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