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Volleyball, Da Rold overtakes Monselice in the A3 starter

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Volleyball, Da Rold overtakes Monselice in the A3 starter

There is still something to fix and it is normal two weeks from the official start of the A3 series championship. But after Wednesday’s thumbs up with San Donà, Da Rold Belluno wins again against one of her next opponents of the season. At the Spes Arena, Monselice bows, passed 3-1 in a sort of replica of the 3-2 victory obtained in Schiavonia at the beginning of the month.

Twenty days later, the Belluno players proved to be superior in service and in attack, demonstrating greater continuity over the course of a match where only the second period got out of hand. The test turned out to be quite indicative, also because in less than a month the two teams will meet up against each other in the league. Curiously again in the evening, as Monselice will be hosted at the Spes Arena on Wednesday 19 October.
Watch out for another piece of news left as a legacy from the evening, namely the debut on the bench of the new assistant coach. This is Roberto Malaguti, last year’s coach under the staff of Spes Belluno and in recent months moved to the Drl to follow the under 17 male team. He will play the double role, alongside coach Gian Luca Colussi among the seniors.
In the initial sextet Maccabruni is deployed in the direction, Novello as the opposite, Saibene and Ostuzzi in the band and Mozzato in the middle, with Martinez free. Da Rold makes a big statement right away, particularly going strong on serve. Between aces and jokes that make Monselice’s reception difficult, soon we arrive at a rather reassuring 12-8 and 14-9. It will end 25-19. There is also time for some skirmishes, when the opposite Paduan Drago does not take too well an exultation considered excessive after a wall in Belluno. Nothing serious, after all the real challenge climate is approaching.
At the beginning of the second set Colussi changes both bands, taking over from Candeago, Graziani, Stufano and Guastamacchia. This time the roles are reversed at the bar, as Monselice is skilled in raising the quality of reception and above all more effective from nine meters. The set seems to run away rather quickly, but at least at 22-24 Da Rold has the strength to bounce five balls at the disposal of Monselice to restore parity. In the end, however, Monselice legitimizes everything by closing 29-27. A small parenthesis remains, however.
The third set is a real Novello show: 10 points out of the 22 overall are signed by the former Prata. He closes the partial on 25-20 with a wall. Space also for some experiments in the fourth and last period. Colussi proposes Galliani, Guolla and Pierobon in sextet, flanked by Saibene, Stufano and Ostuzzi. Everyone enters the game immediately: 25-19 and the meeting between the two teams on October 19.


BY ROLD BELLUNO: Maccabruni 3, Novello 22, Saibene 7, Ostuzzi 6, Mozzato 3, Paganin 5, Martinez (L1); Stufano 7, Guastamacchia 4, Graziani 8, Candeago 4, Galliani, Guolla 3, Pierobon (L2). Coach Gian Luca Colussi.
TMB MONSELICE: Drago 8, Vattovaz 5, Perciante, Vianello 6, Borgato 1, Rizzato (L2), Bacchin 5, Monetti 8, Vitali 6, Dainese (L1), Beccaro 1, Dietre 3. Coach Guglielmo Cicorella.
Referees: Andrea De Nard from Belluno, Alberto Libralesso from Venice.
Partial: 25-19, 27-29, 25-20, 25-19.

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