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Volleyball, Superlega, Civitanova saves the Cup

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Volleyball, Superlega, Civitanova saves the Cup

Blengini’s team beat Milan in added time and earned the quarterfinals of the Italian Cup

Milan-Civitanova 1-3 (21-25, 25-22, 22-25, 21-25)

Civitanova conquers the 3 points and the second victory in a row in the championship, reaching Verona in fourth place at an altitude of 17, with a view on the second place of Modena (at an altitude of 20), awaiting the recovery against Siena on 21 December. Blengini’s team changes in the running, and the entry of Bottolo (MVP at the end with 11 points in 12 attacks) is decisive. A good first set for Milan, but too many mistakes that frustrate Vitelli’s 18 points. In the unusual (for Milan) setting of the Monza Arena (with the Allianz Cloud occupied by padel), Piazza begins with Porro-Patry diagonally, Melgarejo and Ishikawa on the sides, Vitelli and Ebadipour central with Pesaresi free. Blengini replies with De Cecco opposite Zaytsev, Yant and Nikolov in the band, Chinenyeze and Diamantini in the center with free Balaso.


Balanced start, but the hosts are fouled in serving, with 4 errors from 9 meters when the former Chinenyeze scores two blocks for 12-15 which forces Piazza into the first suspension. The first set belongs to the central players: on one side the Frenchman from Lube is immediately present (5 points with 2 blocks in the fraction) and on the other side of the goal Vitelli is very incisive (6 in the fraction). At 18-23 Blengini has only 5 points from the 3 laterals, but they are enough to close 21-25 with Allianz drowning in direct errors (11, of which 9 on serve), and waste 57% in attack. Once the mistakes have disappeared, balance returns, because Porro can count on a good Ishikawa, while Nikolov stands out among the Marches. From 12 all 4 Lube errors generate the break (18-15) closed by Porro’s ace, with Blengini calling timeout. The wall of the clubs also rises, and on 19-17 Bottolo enters (for a dull Yant) and Garcia (for Zaytsev, down after a good start). Allianz escapes (22-17 closed by Vitelli who arrives in double figures), and with Nikolov becoming harmful Piazza’s team takes the set (25-22) for 1-1 despite some final thrills (Ishikawa 7 in 10 bouts). It starts again with Bottolo and Gabi on the pitch, and the blue spiker seems to be the liveliest of cooks. De Cecco finds balance between his guns, while Milan trudges in attack, and is kept alive by Lube’s mistakes in serving. Anzani enters first (for Diamantini), then Piano (for Ebadipour), but Civitanova is fluid in attack and after the first break (0-4 which leads to 12-16) defends it. Milan wakes up late (5-0 from 17-23 after a disputed video check), but Chinenyeze and De Cecco’s block give Lube the 22-25 with Bottolo perfect in attack. The teams refuse at the start of the fourth fraction (6-7), then break away from the guests (8-14, with the second timeout from Piazza) with Bottolo, Chinenyeze and Garcia. With Ishikawa down, Allianz sees flashes of Patry and the usual Vitelli, and two mistakes by Garcia bring the teams closer together (16-18). Civitanova does not tremble, however, and closes 21-25

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