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Volpianese defeat complicates life alone Playoffs are now at risk

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Second consecutive defeat (at the tie break) of the Volpianese and also by virtue of the simultaneous victories of Legnano with Trecate and Caselle with Novate both 3-0, the second place goal for the Volpianesi is damned complicated. At the end of the season, before the playoffs, there are in fact three games missing and the points behind the Volpianese from second place (occupied by Legnano) after Saturday it passed to six points late, without considering that between the Milanese and the Volpianese there is it is Caselle, which boasts a four-point advantage over the Volpianese. Guests go on the pitch with the same anti Legnano formation as a week ago: Bazzarone in dribble, Giorgia Andreotti on the opposite, Valentina Re, the best in the field and Martina Re in the band, Bruno and Neffati in the center and Ghirotto free. Bad start of Volpianese, bad in all fundamentals in the first set and rightly defeated 25-13. The same plot also in the second fraction, with the Biellese always ahead by four to five points from start to finish and Virtus Biella again celebrating, thanks to the 25-20 success. In the third set outside Giorgia Andreotti and inside Tessari, but the music does not change: many mistakes still affect the Volpianese, but this time Virtus Biella also makes many mistakes, especially in reception and defense and so the Volpianese takes advantage of it, winning 25-27. Canavesane who reopen the match and on the wings of enthusiasm come to a draw (19-25), before capitulating to the tie break 15-13. On Saturday the Orago Varese arrives in Volpiano. –

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