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Volpianese, defined the playoff grid Debut on 12 May against Cuneo

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Great satisfaction at Volpianese for the victory of the mini group A2 of the B2 women’s volleyball series with 22 points in 10 games and now the team leader is already in the second of the five phases of the season, starting on Wednesday 12 May. The Italian National Volleyball Federation has therefore changed the regulation that no longer provides for the clash in one-way matches with the other 6 teams included in the groups in October 2020, but a more articulated formula, which will include 18 promotions in B1, with the season that will end on Sunday 20 June. By Sunday 2 May all recoveries will have to be played in order to have the final ranking of all the national mini groups (25).

From Wednesday 12 May the second phase will begin, which will be accessed by the first 4 formations classified from the first: the first of each mini group will face the fourth of the mini group of competence (A1 with A2 and B1 with B2 for example) and the second with the third. They will be home and away matches and in the event of a victory each, the golden set will proceed, i.e. an additional partial which will allow those who win it to access the semifinal (third phase) and then the final (fourth phase). Whoever wins will go to B1 (12 teams), while the losers will be classified according to four criteria: number of races won, best set quotient, best points quotient of the final and best non-regular season standings. The 12 teams will compete with this formula: first against twelfth, second against eleventh, third against tenth, fourth against ninth, fifth against eighth and sixth against seventh, with the winners going up to B1. The golden set rule will also apply in this fifth phase.

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The Volpianese will begin this adventure by challenging the Cuneo area of ​​the Bra, as explained by the opposite Roberta Rinaldi, 30 years old from Villanova Canavese: “We will start training next week, we know the calendar from here to the end will be very busy and no mistakes are allowed, hoping also not to postpone matches ». –

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