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Volpianese, joy is near The Alto Canavese in the running

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In B2 women certainly primacy even in the event of a defeat of measure to the men’s Caselle B, the team of Cuorgnè must guard against the attack of Savigliano


Last round of the first phase of away volley for both the Alto Canavese in men’s Serie B, and for the Volpianese in B2 for women.

A day that promises to be fundamental more for the Volpianese than for the Alto Canavese. The Volpianesi of coach Stefano Andreotti tomorrow, Saturday 27 March at 17.30 will have the mathematical certainty of the primacy of the A2 mini group even in the event of a defeat at the tie break at Caselle. Indeed, they have two points of advantage over airports.

L’Alto Canavese always tomorrow, but at 6 pm she will be engaged in Savigliano and even with a three-point victory and the consequent defeat of Ciriè (the Ciriacese will play at 8.45 pm against the Alexandrians of Acqui Terme) they will not automatically obtain the final primacy of the group. In fact, Ciriè will still have to recover two games, against Acqui Terme on the fifth day of the first leg and against Savigliano on the first return leg, while the Alto Canavese will have only one recovery, the one against Acqui Terme, a match valid as the fourth day of the first leg. .

In the Altocanavese home the opposite Avalle should be seen again, stopped a few hours after the match against Acqui Terme last week, with the Matteo Bolla band playing the charge: “We don’t have to do too many calculations, let’s just think about winning on Saturday at Savigliano and then the recovery with Acqui Terme, then we will see where we will be. The fight at the top of our B1 group is not only between us and Ciriè, but also includes Savigliano, one point less for us and with a game to recover. We will have to be very concentrated and keep mistakes to a minimum, in the first leg the Cuneo people put us in great difficulty ».

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The match between Sant’Anna di San Mauro Torinese and Pavic di Romagnano Sesia, in the province of Novara, completes the round at 9pm. Classification: Ciriè and Alto Canavese points 18; Savigliano 17; Acqui Terme 10 (he still has three matches to recover with Alto Canavese, Ciriè and Sant’Anna); Pavic 5; Sant’Anna 1 (has yet to recover a match).

The situation at home is different Volpianese who, to have the mathematical certainty of first place, in addition to winning with any result, can also afford to lose 2-3, even if the band Federica Cane thinks about the seventh win in a row: “We started this row by winning 3-1 all went with Piossasco and we want to round off this first phase with another success – explains Cane -. We know that it will not be an easy match against Caselle at all, we have already seen it in the first leg, when we won at the tie break not without suffering ». In the same group are played: Piossasco-Chieri at 18 and Pinerolo-Labormet Turin at 20.30. Ranking: Volpianese 21 points; Boxes 19; Pinerolo 15; Chieri 12 ;, Labormet Torino 11 (one race less); Piossasco 0. –

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