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Volpiano wastes, even a penalty and Valdruento hits in the final

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A beautiful but wasteful Volpiano leaves the entire stake to the leaders Valdruento who, for his part, has taken the maximum advantage with minimum effort. Who is the cause of his illness cry himself, but the anger of the hosts also spills on the referee who they say is too permissive towards the players of Valdruento, a tough and combative team, at times even bad, which has come out from the field with seven yellow cards. Leaders who therefore takes the entire booty with a performance based on the defensive and attack phase entrusted to the counterattack. But the Volpiano immediately takes over the reins of the game and leaves no room for guest attacks that in the first fraction do not come with danger from the parts of Giarnera. The Volpiano, on the other hand, builds at least four clear goal chances but wastes them all. Starts at 7 ‘Lauritano who received the ball at the edge of the area gets rid of two defenders and from an excellent position kicks at the net finding the fortuitous opposition of the goalkeeper who nips the ball with his butt, sending it into a corner. It is then the turn of Momoh who kicks out twice. At the end of the first fraction it is Burdisso, on a splendid choral action, who appears only in front of the visiting goalkeeper Busti but kicks weakly. When hostilities resume, the pace of the hosts drops but Valdruento does not know how to take advantage of it. At 27 ‘Lauritano is landed in the area by the already booked De Pierro who is pardoned by the referee among the Volpianese protests. Nicolini takes the penalty to the side. On the overturning in front of the Valdruento surprises the advantage. From the kick from the flag the ball is spiked by Riva for the head of Gualtieri who slips Giarnera from two steps. The Volpiano swerves, the guests double in melee again with Gualtieri. Sunday Torinese-Volpiano. –

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