Home Sports Waiting for the Giro d’Italia: from the Marano lagoon to the ancient sanctuary of Castelmonte, here is the Friulian stage

Waiting for the Giro d’Italia: from the Marano lagoon to the ancient sanctuary of Castelmonte, here is the Friulian stage

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Waiting for the Giro d’Italia: from the Marano lagoon to the ancient sanctuary of Castelmonte, here is the Friulian stage

CIVIDAL. Let the party begin. From Marano Lagunare to the hills of Fagagna, from the Alta Val Torre to the Natisone valleys, from the Slovenian Caporetto to Cividale and, the grand finale, to the ancient sanctuary of Castelmonte, a very special goal of the Friulian 2022 stage of the Giro d’Italia, enthusiasm for the new “creature” of patron Enzo Cainero it is already skyrocketing. There is a month left – May 27 – but the preparatory machine is in full swing, the logistics are now perfectly fine (the ducal city will act as headquarters for the arrival of the stage) and the wait, needless to say, electrifying : from the audience – and from the stage – of the Cividale theater Ristori confirmation, last night, of the climate of collective euphoria that the Giro is capable of triggering. More than ever between Cividale and the Natisone Valleys, mindful of the extraordinary experience of 2016, a pearl in the annals of the territory: and now it is replicated, with a new stage arrival – in the picturesque setting of the Madone di Mont square, a showcase for excellence of the Municipality of Prepotto – which with its particularity promises to conquer the public throughout Italy.

Colpo grosso, for the purpose of visibility and therefore of tourism promotion: the concept ran as a refrain from one institutional intervention to another, from the greeting of the mayor of Cividale, Daniela Bernardi, to those of the president of the mountain community of Natisone and Torre , Mauro Steccati, of the president of the Fvg council, Piero Mauro Zanin – who defined “cycling an extraordinary metaphor of what should be the founding values ​​of humanity”, of the vice president of the Region Riccardo Riccardi who spoke of “an extraordinary event thanks also to all the volunteers, the real cornerstones of the organization ». Parallel is the leitmotif of thanks to Cainero, “venerated” in the Cividale area, for the 2016 feat, which had given the Valleys (above all) the realization of a dream. “Team up. This is what Cainero taught us ”, Bernardi summed up, underlining the presence in the hall of many mayors, including that of Caporetto, who said“ honored to be able to welcome the Giro in the Isonzo Valley ”. In the same way, Steccati proclaimed himself “proud”, recalling that the Corsa Rosa will touch the Villanova hamlet for the first time ever, giving a unique chance to the Caves, where a new route will be inaugurated just in view of the event tourist. “We are offered an extraordinary opportunity – he said -, which is now up to us to exploit in the best way”. This rhymes with synergy, a cardinal principle for Enzo Cainero, who not surprisingly involved the Alpine troops in the organization as well: the Ana sections of Udine and Cividale, represented at the Ristori by their respective presidents, Dante Soravito De Franceschi and Antonio Ruocco, will welcome the public at Passo Solarie, together with the Fanfare of the Julia Alpine Brigade and the sectional one. And on the stage, to crown the evening – after the detailed illustration of the stage -, also a question and answer between champions and the chief servantstart of the sport of the Messaggero Veneto Antonio Simeoli.

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