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Wang Yujin of the Eighth National Games: Love in the heart, “old spear” is not old

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Wang Yujin of the Eighth National Games: Love in the heart, “old spear” is not old

2021-09-09 10:17:55Source: Xi’an News Network

She has won gold medals in many international competitions such as the Asian Games and the World Cup; she participated in the 8th National Games and won the championship in the 9th National Games; she is also a coach and athlete, and she is obliged to play in the 14th National Games. … She is the 52-year-old Shaanxi shooting (flying saucer) star Wang Yujin.

On September 8th, at the shooting range of the Chang’an Changning Ecological Sports Training and Competition Base, bursts of clear gunfire sounded. Top masters from all over the country were competing in the UFO multi-directional event of the 14th National Games. Wang Yujin was also one of them. The competition is particularly fierce. Wang Yujin raises the gun, aims and shoots, and the whole set of actions is as proficient as usual. Even if it is difficult to withstand the vicissitudes of the years, for the 52-year-old “old gun”, being able to stand in the National Games are indeed. Not easy. It may be that the results were not ideal. After the game, Wang Yujin didn’t say much, “I started playing the National Games from the Sixth National Games. The Eighth National Games was absent because of the birth of a child. I participated in every subsequent National Games. Persevere till now.”

Wang Yujin in the fourteenth National Games shooting women’s UFO multi-directional qualifying competition.

Because she loves shooting, she can’t give up, and because the Shaanxi shooting team trained her, Wang Yujin always puts the needs of the team first. From the Sixth National Games in 1987 to the 14th National Games in 2021, Wang Yujin only missed one session, which in itself is a remarkable achievement. In 1998, Wang Yujin put down her under-year-old children to prepare for the Ninth National Games again. His hard work was rewarded. Not only did he shoot down the women’s UFO multi-direction champion in the Ninth National Games, but he also ended the 14th year of Shaanxi shooting and the gold medal in the National Games. Missing history. Wang Yujin recalled: “Preparing for the Ninth National Games, the provincial government once again focused on shooting events. I was also found in the bureau. I felt that I could still play, so I went back again!”

The Shaanxi Provincial Shooting Team is a glorious team. It has won many world champions, Olympic champions, and national champions. It has also won many honors for the country and Shaanxi in top international and domestic competitions. As the oldest athlete in the Shaanxi team, Wang Yujin, in addition to daily training and full competition, also shoulders the important task of training younger generations. Although it is very hard to have two positions, Wang Yujin started from the whole team and appeared in the National Games held at home. Even if he could not reach the top with regrets in individual events, his persistent persistence won widespread praise.

In the future, the “old gun” may continue to exist, but the results are not important anymore. As Wang Yujin once said, “The UFO program does not have much restriction on age. It lies in the accumulation of training every day. As long as I can play, I will stick to it.”

Wang Rui, All-Media Correspondent of Xi’an Press/Lei ​​Weidong, All-Media Correspondent of Wen Xi’an Press/Photo


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