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Warm-up Celic Beijing Guoan Shanghai Seaport headed to Guangzhou with victory

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Warm-up Celec Beijing Guoan Shanghai Seaport took the victory to GuangzhouFly into the homes of ordinary people

Haigang fully prepares for the second stage of the Chinese Super League

Before the Chinese Super League re-opened, Zhu Qiang was also seizing the final time to prepare. Yesterday afternoon, the Shanghai Haigang team played a warm-up match with the Beijing Guoan team at the Yuanshen Sports Center. As a result, with the outstanding performance of several foreign aids led by Oscar, the Haigang team won a 5-2 victory. Less than a week after the restart of the second stage of the league, the team’s morale was high and full of expectations.

Shanghai Haigang and Beijing Guoan are both teams in the Chinese Super League championship team this season. They have played against each other many times in the past few seasons and are already quite familiar. In the 3rd minute after the start of the game, the foreign aid Mui, who had just returned from Australia, took the lead in breaking the deadlock. Just a few minutes later, another foreign aid Paulinho in the harbor was the icing on the cake. The core Oscar on the field was not to be outdone. With Maitijiang’s goal, Haigang finally achieved a 5-2 victory.

What’s interesting is that in the early hours of yesterday morning Beijing time, the Atletico Mineiro team in the Brazilian League defeated the Bragantino Red Bull in a 3-2 reversal. The port team’s former Hulk performed well in this game, using his heel to instigate a goal, and also completed a single-handed goal for the team to score the winning goal.

At 6 o’clock in the evening on December 13, Haigang will play against the Shenzhen team in the first game of the second stage. In the first stage of the game, the harbor had 8 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses with 28 points, 5 points behind the top of the table, Taishan. (Xinmin Evening News reporter Guan Yin)

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