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Watch out for the Tsadjout-Donnarumma challenge, bomber with the reserve light already on

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The performance of the strikers of Pordenone and Ternana (one goal only) under the lens in view of Saturday. The neroverde does not have the instinct of a goalscorer, but he pays duty for a maneuver that does not involve him

PORDENONE. The curriculum with which they presented themselves to their respective squares was and is different. One, in his score, had only three goals in Serie B.

The other two years ago was the top scorer in the category. However, they are linked by the same role and by the fact that – although not entirely because of them – they have fallen short of expectations. The spotlight on the match between Pordenone and Teranana will be on Frank Tsadjout and Alfredo Donnarumma, center forward of the two teams, signed last summer and with only one goal to his credit so far, in addition to a penalty. Could the match on Saturday, scheduled in Lignano at 2 pm, mean a new beginning for them?

Tsadjout, born in 1999, arrived at De Marchi from the Cittadella. For the neroverde club it was the third number 9 in a row signed by the Venetians after Strizzolo and Diaw.

Due to his mobility and physical characteristics he had convinced the director of the technical area of ​​green lizards, Matteo Lovisa, capable of snatching him from the competition. The footballer, who grew up in Milan, has quality but is still young. He only has a Serie B tournament on his shoulders and he is not a bomber. Three goals scored in the previous tournament with the “Citta”, a team that reached the play-off final especially with the goals of the midfielders (Proia above all, author of 9 centers).

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In Friuli he immediately had the trust of everyone, but first he was the victim of a form not suited to the characteristics of the players in the squad – the 4-4-2 -, so he was always isolated in the offensive department. The team maneuver you have never supported him adequately. Very few balls that have arrived and arrive in the last 16 meters.

So he transformed only one penalty, the one with Monza. In the other meetings he worked hard, but he could not leave a trace.
Donnarumma (born in 1990) in Ternana has suffered and is suffering the same. A team that, like Pordenone, has the problem of scoring, despite having scored double (8 to 4). The former Brescia striker was also little assisted by the formation of Cristiano Lucarelli.

He failed to make an impact, even though he came as a blow to the Umbrian summer market: in 2018-2019 he graduated as top scorer of the B with the Rondinelle (25 centers), in 2017-2018 he had made 23 autographs with Empoli and in 2019- 2020 in Serie A – again with Brescia – had scored 7 goals.

It is clear that Donnarumma himself expected a very different impact, but also the red and green players – like the Friulians – had started the season with 4-4-2 only to change course, moving to 4-3-3. In the last game the number 99 remained on the bench, albeit only due to physical ailments: in his place he had played Pettinari, another top of the category, who did not even score a goal.

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All this makes us understand once again how the performance of the forwards is the result of teamwork. And whoever, between Pordenone and Ternana, will be able to assist their strikers in the best possible way, will be able to win Saturday’s match.

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